The Wizard of Nod by Anthony Jones


The Wizard of Nod is the second installment of a larger tale of The Bloodline Chronicles. Once again Jake and Stephen find themselves back in prison when they are tasked with recovering the Staff of Moses. Time is running out for the Shaddai and their last hope is to recover the staff before the evil Grigori find it. As Jake and Stephen try to stay one step ahead of Sam Jericho and his task force they must fight the Wizards minions and make it across the country and back before the evil Wizard kills the only man who knows the secrets of the staff’s powers. The battle for the twelve enchanted instruments continues and Mordred, the Wizard of Nod has located the Sword of Kings also known as Excalibur. In their journey from San Francisco to Washington DC and back, Stephen and the beautiful Sherri Burke find love does not wait for ideal timing. Evil is on the rise and Jake’s faith will be tested like never before as he learns his teenaged daughter Abigail has joined their quest.

My Review:

The Wizard of Nod by Anthony Jones is the second book in the series The Bloodline Chronicles.

After reading the first installment of The Bloodline Chronicles, I couldn’t wait to get into the second, The Wizard of Nod. The book picks up right where Sword of Goliath left off. They are in need of the remaining instruments including the Staff of Moses which becomes a huge challenge for them.

Things I loved, once again-the cover. I enjoyed the Bible verses incorporated into the story. I especially enjoyed all the new characters that were introduced, notably Abigail. The writing style is wonderful and it’s an easy read in a unique format that’s even more action packed than the first. I’m still so astonished with the imagination and creativity of this author. This author is very innovative and is sure to please fantasy readers.

There were just a few elements I had difficulty with. There was definitely more emotion with The Wizard of Nod as the story took some serious twists and turns and the ending was a bit difficult-for me. Regardless, I’m looking forward to subsequent books in this series and I’m hopeful for the future of the characters.

Thanks to author Anthony Jones for sharing a copy of The Wizard of Nod and The Sword of Goliath with me. I’m happy to have these as part of my collection and certainly looking forward to more!


About the author:

266168Anthony Jones is the author of The Sword of Goliath and The Wizard of Nod, the first two books in a longer tale of the Bloodline Chronicles.

Born September 8, 1963, Jones was raised in northern California and attended Healdsburg High School and Tahoe Truckee High School. Jones was inspired by such books as The Hobbit, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and Hines feet on high places.

Jones greatest influence remains Stephen King and his work on the Dark Tower Series. The Bloodline Chronicles was very much inspired by Stephen Kings Book Wizard and Glass. Other authors of inspiration for Jones include Thomas Harris, Jon Krakauer and John Grisham.

As a high school journalist in Truckee California, Jones wrote editorials for the school paper, mostly about his love for the outdoors and fishing. Jones never abandoned his love of writing and continued authoring short stories, poems, and songs as he paid the bills in a more traditional fashion.

Jones studied Community Relations, and Criminology at Lassen College in Susanville and went on to study Leadership and Labor Relations at Sacramento State University.

Jones retired as an Associate Warden for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in 2013 after 23 years of service, 15 at San Quentin.

You can also visit Anthony Jone’s Website at:

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