Why I Love Book Sales…

There’s something about book sales. I’m so addicted to used books and love visiting rummage sales that include books. Chances are, they’re super cheap, and you never know what you might find. I recently visited an awesome sale which prompted me to reflect on some of the reasons why I love attending book sales and buying used books.

Here are some reasons why I love book sales:

1. You can meet cool people who love to read, just like you. I recently went to a book sale and met a super nice lady who’s been reading since she was a child-just like me! She was destashing a bunch of books because she literally had thousands and wanted to gain some extra Christmas money. She was such a kind lady, and because she was from my general area, we had things to talk about. I even learned interesting things I didn’t know. I loved her sale because all of the books were .50 cents each, and she had tons of vintage children’s books which is right up my alley! She used to attend auctions and had some very rare books too.

2. You can save lots of money! It’s no surprise that books are expensive. By getting them used, you pay a fraction of the price. As you can see in the picture, I bought all of these for .50 cents each. Most are hardcover and over $10 to buy new. Just look at the money I saved!


3. You can find out of print books which I find so entertaining! You never know what you can find and it feels like Christmas. Rare and old vintage books are so special and sometimes they evoke memories from my childhood. You can find books that are super hard to find and are not in print anymore. I love getting lost in the stacks.


4. You never know their history. Who knows how many owners the book has had. Sometimes you can find things inside like bookmarks, and notes. I find this so interesting and mysterious.

5. I love the smell and feel of books. I especially love old vintage books. They have a memorable smell to them. Sometimes you come across books you haven’t read in so long, or maybe they got ruined or lost. I love coming across books I read as a child, and now I can share them with the children in my life, and enjoy them myself all over again.


6. It’s good for the environment: Did you know that buying used books is good for the environment? It’s really important to recycle, and a great way to support the environment is to buy some used books that will now be reused! You can pass them on to others so they can gain knowledge as well.

Now, the bad thing about buying used books. Of course, there’s always a catch! 

Authors won’t get a penny for the sale of a used book. This makes me feel guilty sometimes. But here’s how I look at it.

  • You might just find a new favorite author, which then of course, you’ll want to purchase their new releases in a brick and mortar store, or online.
  • The author may not gain money from the sale, but they have gained another reader.
  • There’s always the chance that you’ll buy a book from a sale that’s part of a series, which will lead you to buy other installments at the book store.

What are some reasons you like or dislike book sales? Please feel free to comment!

14 thoughts on “Why I Love Book Sales…

  1. starjustin

    I love seeing the pics of collections of books. They look so majestic when they are on a book shelf together or just stacked together. Books are like little ‘gems’ in the eyes of a reader. Like having an additional family to care for and be a part of. 🙂

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  2. Love this post… such great things to think about. I’m choosing to ignore the bad things about it 🙂

    I wish when I was younger and started collecting books, I put a “From the Library of” sticker in each of mine so that it always showed the book once belonged to me. And for that matter, keeping a record like a library of everyone who read that copy… with a few extra pages for a short 5 to 10 word note about how you felt reading the book. Our own version of “The Book Thief.”

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  3. James, how ironic that you say that because most of the books that I purchased from this sale have that very sticker you speak of in the front with the lady’s name. These were all one owner books mainly, but I’ve picked up some really old ones before. I would love to keep track too and it’s a great idea. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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  4. Bobby Underwood

    Bookstores, outdoor fetes, tiny little shops filled with old and wonderful treasures, call to book lovers. You want to stop the car every time you see one, even if you can’t. And there’s always that feeling as you drive past, because you don’t have time to stop, that there was a copy of a wonderful, out-of-print book by a favorite author, which had a small circular tag pricing it at .20¢, and you missed it! LOL

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