Indoor Green: Living with Plants by Bree Claffey


I recently picked up a book on houseplants titled Indoor Green: Living with Plants. I’ve always loved plants in my home and I’ve always wanted to create a special plant room in my home. This book is perfect for plant lovers! You can read my review below.

Indoor Green: Living with Plants by Bree Claffey is a book about plants and the people who keep them.

As soon as I opened the book I was instantly inspired. The book is full of fascinating photography of plants by Lauren Bamford. I truly enjoy observing how people can take a room and transform it into a garden living space. It’s so exhilarating.

The reader is taken to different homes to view the plants people keep and how they live with them. Interviews are conducted with each person. You learn where they live, what plants they own, what they do for a living, and their personal feelings about plants. 20170331_073757

Many subjects are covered including different types of common houseplants, plant music, plant design, plant rooms and even plant care. Some plants discussed include: Devil’s Ivy, Boston Fern, and Ponytail Palms to name a few. My absolute favorite is the hanging air plant. There is a section included for plant care, although it’s not extensive and pertains mostly to the plant types discussed.

I personally loved this book and with the upcoming growing season underway, it’s just what I needed to get in the mood. If you admire plants, you’ll love this book.


Blurb: For centuries, plants have transformed interiors. Today house plants are once again experiencing a revival. Author Bree Claffey of Mr Kitly journeys into the worlds of fellow plant lovers to explore the enduring attraction of house plants. From the ever-reliable Peace lily and beguiling Fiddle leaf fig to the elusive Chinese money plant, house plants are showcased in all their weird and wonderful forms. More than good-looking props, plants are living growing things rooted in community and creativity and as this book celebrates, house plants are a way of life.
Format Hardback | 208 pages
ISBN13 – 9780500500538

Photographs below from Booktopia:






About the Authors:

 Bree Claffey is the owner of Mr Kitly – an emporium of carefully curated ceramics, homewares and lush indoor plants, which stylists, designers and creative typesflock to. Bree regularly curates houseplants for cafes and shops and holds monthly exhibitions featuring work by various artists and makers from Australia and beyond.

-Lauren Bamford is a Melbourne-based lifestyle photographer. She regularly contributes to national and international publications including Frankie, Vogue Living, Kinfolk and The Wall Street Journal. She was featured in the 2014 Thames & Hudson publication Around Australia with Jacky Winter and is represented by The Jacky Winter Group’s photographic branch SEA. –

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