Bolded Hearts by Jane Jago

34193593I recently came across a short story titled Bolded Hearts on Goodreads by author Jane Jago. After seeing a few reviews and instantly falling in love with the cover, I had to try it. It turned out to be a really short fantasy read about two main characters named Amal and Chin-Cha.

Amal is a healer and has been labeled a witch because of it. Chin-Cha is her once human protector. Follow along in the story to discover their future.


My Review:

Nice short fantasy read

Bolded Hearts by Jane Jago is a short, well written fantasy story about two main characters, Amal and Chin-Cha.

I was a tad confused when I first started reading, but as the story goes on, the characters become better understood. It essentially feels like folklore. The story and characters are genuinely magical and I loved the ending.


Here are a few of my favorite Q&A’s with Jane Jago on Goodreads:


Q: You have a human turned wolf in Bolded Hearts. Was it fun writing a character like that? What kind of changes in your own thinking did you have to make?

Jane Jago Chin-Cha was a challenge to write, in that I wanted to give him depth as well as difference. I had to make quite a few adjustments.

First, there’s always the thing of a woman writing a man. Then there was the need to make him both human and canine at the same time, and all within the word constraint of a short story.

But I liked him so much that it was pleasure as much as work.


Q: Which do you have more fun writing – Fantasy or twisted thrillers?

Jane Jago Fantasy is more fun to write, but the twisted thrillers are more of a compulsion. 


Q: Is there a genre you have thought about exploring, but have not yet done so?

Jane Jago I am a bit multi-genre already. And although I write fantasy, thrillers, short fiction and perverse verse there are elements of romance, family saga and even sci-finwithin what i do already.

I would love to be able to write humour, but I can’t it’s just not funny.

However, I do have a story knocking around my brain that will be pure sci-fi if it ever gets written.



Q: Where do your characters come from?

Jane Jago Honestly. I have no idea. I think they are born in my head, but then I start writing them and they develop a life of their own.

In the end at best I feel like it’s them writing their own stories. I’m just the mug with the computer…

About the Author:

Jane Jago 

Jane’s Dog who might have been an influence for the book Bolded Hearts.

I live in the beautiful west country with my big, silly dog and my big sensible husband.

I spent the first half of my working life cooking and the second half editing other people’s manuscripts.

At last I have time to write down the stories that have been disturbing my sleep for as long as I can remember.

Writing my first title took two years, because the characters kept doing unexpected things. I’ve since learned that they are always going to break out of the mould. So I just sit back and enjoy the ride. Goodreads

Jane can be found here:

Click here for Goodreads

Clicker here for Amazon

Other books by Jane Jago:

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