Cracker-Ass Honky Blues by Arthur Graham


I was able to get a copy of Cracker-Ass Honky Blues from the author Arthur Graham a few months back. I’ve been wanting to check out his writing for some time. You can see my review and some information about the author below:

From Goodreads: Arthur Graham returns with yet another chapbook of shorts and miscellany, this one featuring a nude photo of him taken while really drunk on its cover.

This book is not for sale on Amazon, nor is it available for purchase from anywhere else besides the author. Kindly PayPal five measly bucks* to arthur (dot) graham (dot) pub (at) gmail (dot) com, and your signed, limited-edition chapbook will be on its way.**

Plus, if you’d like, I’ll throw in a copy of Whores of the Industry for only THREE BUCKS EXTRA! That’s two handcrafted chapbooks for just EIGHT BUCKS!

Printed on blue paper by a sad drunken honky, folded and stapled by hand. Includes the following pieces:

– Kerouac & I
– Staying True to Yourself
– A Review of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
– New Story Idea
– The Primordial Slime
– Prince’s First Posthumous Tweet
– What We Talk About When We Talk About What We Talk About When We’re Talking About Talking About Stuff
– Hitler’s Bad Day
– Fan Mail

“Cracker-Ass Honky Blues is Arthur Graham’s latest chapbook and true to form, it is packed with irreverence, absurdity and humour. This handmade book is exemplary of what underground literature ought to be; bold, boundless and uncensored. […] Graham is a ballsy writer whose work pushes the bounds of decency. Cracker-Ass Honky Blues is a sleazy, funny, irreverent work of social commentary.”Matthew J. Hall, Screaming with Brevity

My Review: 

So, I’ve been wanting to read Cracker-Ass Honky Blues for some time now, actually, just something by Arthur Graham already! This is the first for me, a little chapbook of short stories.

I liked the cover and title. Out of all stories included the only one I didn’t really like was “Hitler’s Bad Day.” Most enjoyed were “The Primordial Slime” and “Fan Mail.”

Is there a poster size of the cover available? JK!

4**** and looking forward to reading more by this author.

I’d like to thank the author for providing me with a complimentary copy.


Arthur Graham was interviewed in February 2017 by Leo X. Robertson’s Podcast (Losing the Plot) You can hear the podcast by clicking HERE.

You can also find author Leo Robertson on Goodreads by clicking this link.

A few of my favorite Q&A’s with Arthur Graham on Goodreads:

Q: Who is your favorite film actor, and why?

Arthur Graham Mickey Rourke, hands down. We’ve got our differences, but the man has more balls and integrity than anyone who’s ever worked in Hollywood. Besides the fact that he expertly portrayed one of my all-time favorite authors in Barfly, he also broke my heart in The Wrestler, particularly w/r/t that character’s relationship with his daughter. We’ve both been in our share of fights, we were both handsome devils in our primes, and we’ve both experienced many of the ups and downs there are to be had in our respective careers. Another thing we both share in common is a really dubious choice of hairstyle, though not nearly so dubious as Donald Trump’s.

Q: What’s your advice for aspiring writers?

Arthur Graham Write what you know, or write what you don’t know; it’s all been done before. Consider writing what no one knows, or what everyone knows but won’t admit. If you can’t do that as a novelist, then you might as well start sending your stuff straight to Hollywood instead. If success is more important than substance, there are much better rackets worth getting into, and the markets for both literary and genre fiction are already saturated with enough derivative mediocrity as it is.

Q: What’s the best thing about being a writer?

Arthur Graham Easy: money for nothing, and chicks for free.

Q: How do you define success as an author?

Arthur Graham Actually, there are MANY ways by which I define success in this vocation, but here are my top three:

1) When I’m sitting there, dead sober and all alone, and I write something that makes me cackle like a madman.
2) When I receive fair to favorable reviews from people I am neither friends nor family with.
3) When children approach me on the street to say “my mommy said I’m not supposed to talk to you.”

About the Author:

81E40Y5gyyL._UX250_.jpgArthur Graham is a professional editor, writer, and book critic currently residing in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is an accomplished noveler, storyist, and publishite by all accounts. His work has been unfairly compared to that of Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs, Hunter S. Thompson, and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Once a promising purveyor of fine literary fiction, he has since been reduced to churning out chapbooks instead. He is not on Facebook but he does own a TV, so at least he’s not a total hipster.

Cofounder and former head editor of Rooster Republic Press. Current editor of HST Quarterly.


Other works by Arthur Graham

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