The Six Million Dollar Man Featuring Bionic Bigfoot


There was this show called The Six Million Dollar Man which was created before I was born in the mid 1970’s, but thanks to re-runs, I was able to watch a few as a kid. The show starred Lee Majors, Richard Anderson and Stefanie Powers to name a few. The main character, Colonel Steve Austin, was played by Lee Majors.

Not long after that came Bionic Woman which I was more familiar with. Back then, my family only had local channels, so we watched shows like The Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman, Incredible Hulk, and Batman & Robin to name a few.

20150813_114446.jpgAnyhow, I was at this rummage sale not too long ago and I came across this bigfoot toy that looked so familiar to me, but I couldn’t put my finger on where I’d seen it. It’s this really large plastic doll type toy with bendable legs and arms. The woman couldn’t tell me much about it, but remembered her dad buying it for her when she was young. I just kept staring at it and trying to figure out where I’d seen it. It felt familiar to me and I finally decided to grab it. She wanted $3 for it and I figured I might be able to turn around and sell it for something on eBay if I decided to.

The toy looked old and it almost seemed like it was missing something. Here are pictures of him after bringing him home.

It had this removable plate on the front of it’s body and there was just this hole there.


You would press this square button and the front plate would pop off.


I brought it home and started checking it out online. It didn’t take long to realize exactly where this this “Bionic Bigfoot, The Sasquatch Beast” came from – The Six Million Dollar Man!


Here’s the video below…

These episodes are so amazing to me, and that bigfoot is Andre the Giant, one of my favorite wrestlers of all time.

andre 6 million
Lee Majors with Bigfoot (Andre the Giant)

I decided to sell the Bionic Bigfoot on eBay because his legs were quite fragile and I just knew if I kept him, someone would find him in the house and use him as a chew toy.


I wasn’t much of a collector at the time, but I do have feelings of nostalgia for vintage toys like this when I find them. It’s one of the main reasons I love going to rummage sales.

e57c882fca1ef650d474c3bf5ff667d3Here’s a picture of the Bionic Bigfoot  in his original packaging which I didn’t have.

I listed him as an auction starting at $10 dollars and many people placed bids on him until he sold for $150 dollars. I was truthfully amazed he sold for that much. If he would’ve had his packaging, who knows how much he would’ve sold for.

I do wish I had him back sometimes, but you never know what might pop up at future sales! Plus, this was a learning experience for me and I was able to learn about a whole series of books I look forward to reading. You can read about them below…

1368516I recently learned that this series was based on the Martin Caidin novel Cyborg which was published in 1970. There are ten books in The Six Million Dollar Man series.  I love learning about old books like this and can’t wait to read the series.

From Goodreads: He was a wonder of scientific perfection– but it was lonely as hell at the top. All the resources of NASA, the Pentagon, and Government Money put the pieces of Lt. Col. Steve Austin’s shattered body back together again. He came out of it more perfect than human. Better than new. A deadly, unstoppable weapon. Now all he needed was to find some human emotion in the tangle of plastic, wire and atomic metal that was fused to the remains of his flesh. Basis for $6 Million Dollar Man.

The book Cyborg can be found on Goodreads by clicking here

Here’s the series of ten books below…

About the author of this series:

99333.jpgMartin Caidin was a prolific and controversial writer. Most of his work centered around the adventures of pilots and astronauts. A number of his books were notable for their reasonable, realistic predictions of then-futuristic technology.

Caidin’s body of work was prolific and varied, ranging from additional speculative/SF novels such as Marooned, which was made into an acclaimed film and considered a harbinger of the Apollo 13 accident, to a novel based upon the character Indiana Jones. He also wrote many non-fiction books about science, aviation and warfare.

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