Eater of Mushrooms by Scott Delaney

I won Eater of Mushrooms by Scott Delaney on Goodreads as a giveaway recently. You can see my review below:

My Review: 

34371859.jpgEater of Mushrooms by Scott Delaney is a poetic novel containing over thirty poems. There are roughly sixteen characters with descriptions at the beginning of the book.

This is an interesting little book of poetry! I ended up reading this twice because I was a little confused with the characters at first. I then chose to just examine and enjoy the poetry rather than figure everything else out and it eventually came together. I liked the poetry which is very dark and graphic at times. I loved the nature feel and essence of the poetry and all the emotions that go along with the painful journey. The cover art is very pretty too and fits well with the content.

My favorites were Sunflower of the Sky, Lagotto, Bipolar Days and Set Sail. I’m looking forward to reading more poetry by this author.

I won this in a Goodreads giveaway. I’d like to thank Goodreads, The author, and the publisher.

3.5 stars rounded up to 4****



Blurb: Eater of Mushrooms is a poetic novel, a story about an individual, who despite flaws, believes in love. The poems are read in order and use a mythology of personas and symbols to build a representation of people, emotions, and struggles. The characters represent loves and challenges, human and otherwise.

For the author, Eater of Mushrooms is sprinkled with flavors of mental illness, self-identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and substance abuse. It simmers in the broth of anguish, ecstasy, loss; soaks in the hopefulness of love.

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About the Author:


Scott Delaney is an American poet with New Zealand family influences. His first book, Eater of Mushrooms, is a poetic novel with themes relating to mental illness, substance abuse, and self-identity. His poetry expresses his belief true love exists, while acknowledging the search is not always beautiful. Scott is known for his crisp, lyrical style and vivid, dark descriptions. He lives in Arlington, Virginia. –Amazon

Find Scott Delaney on Goodreads – Click Here

Find Scott Delaney on Amazon – Click Here


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