(Wintersong #2) Title & Release Date!

I was SUPER excited today when my inbox had a message from S.Jae-Jones stating that the new Wintersong #2 book was titled with a release date! I wanted to re-post this for all those who haven’t subscribed yet. Her website is (http://sjaejones.com/).


This is coming straight from my email: 

I might have mentioned before, but I am terrible with titles. All my projects just have codenames and then I slap an awful working title on it before sending it to other people. The codename for Wintersong was 50 Shades of Labyrinth, but when I queried it and when it went out on submission, it was called The Goblin King. My publisher didn’t love that title, so my editor, agent, and I brainstormed forever and ever but couldn’t find one that fit. In-house, it was launched as Underground, and I believe there are still bound manuscripts we sent out for blurbs that have this title on them.

And then the stars aligned and out the title Wintersong appeared. (One of these days I might show you guys some of the titles that didn’t make it because they’re funny in hindsight.) Shadowsong had a similar process of my editor, agent, and I trying to make a title out of the magnetic poetry of adjectives we threw together, hoping to find meaning in a random arrangement of words. (One of these days I might show you some of these rejected titles as well.) We wanted a title that was “related” to Wintersong, but didn’t know how to go about it.

But when we finally settled on Shadowsong, we all felt it was right and crossed our fingers that marketing and sales would agree. And they did!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this a sequel or a companion novel?
It is a sequel, meaning it directly continues Liesl’s story. What happens after [spoiler: highlight to reveal]she leaves the Underground[/spoiler]? This book deals a lot with consequences—of the decisions Liesl makes, but also of choosing to pursue your goals. What are the costs? The price you’re willing to pay for happiness? What does that even mean? (I have no idea. I think I’m writing this book to find out.)

2. Is the book told from Liesl’s POV or someone else’s?
It is still mainly told from Liesl’s POV. Mainly.

3. Will we find out more about previous Goblin Queens?
A bit, although I’m not sure how much lore I can fit into this book and not have it be a thousand pages long (and I write long as it is!). Worldbuilding for this book has been more like a process of discovery than of creation, but then again, that could be said of my writing process in general.

4. When will we see the cover?
I don’t know but let me tell y’all; I’ve seen it and it is BEAUTIFUL. That’s all I can say for the moment.

Extra Wintersong Content

If you missed out on the “unadulterated” scenes from Wintersong, I’m sorry! I may send them out again as a preorder incentive or some other reward/gift/thank you. But for now, they are in the vault (because I’m like Disney that way) because it was unfortunately incredibly time-consuming for me to do and my time is better spent on actually writing Shadowsong.

However! If you haven’t signed up for annotations for Wintersong, never fear, there’s still time! I’ll be away at YALLWest this weekend, but when I come back, I’ll send them out, so be sure to sign up if you’re interested!


You can find S. Jae-Jones on InstagramGoodreads – and Amazon

You can sign up to get emails from her at her website http://www. http://sjaejones.com/

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