The Beast Within: A Tale of Beauty’s Prince by Serena Valentino


22890934.jpgI decided to spend my entire rainy Sunday reading nothing but Beauty and the Beast. After finishing Lost in a Book this morning, I was still hungry for more. This review may contain some spoilers so read at your own risk.

The Beast Within begins with the Prince and how he’s sickened with the fact that he’s been transformed into a beast. He’s tormented by the three evil sister witches who have cast a spell on him. At this point Beast understands that only true love, both given and received, can break the curse that’s been bestowed upon him.

The majority of the story heads back to the time when the Prince’s life was perfect and he hadn’t a care in the world. He was arrogant and vain. Here we learn about his best friend Gaston, and Circe, his beautiful and soon to be wife. This is where the questions begin. Is Gaston a real friend? Is the love the Prince feels for Circe true love that will have the power to break the spell?

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I liked the way the author used the three sister witches in the story with the added twists. I truthfully enjoyed learning about the Beast before the curse as well, but the relationship with Belle fell short on detail and the ending came way to fast for me. I found it strange how Circe became so understanding in the last moments and she wanted everything to be fixed after spending the majority of the book bitter toward the Beast.


I still really liked it and I’m glad to have read it. This is perfect for upper grade school readers all the way up to adult.


About the Author:

Serena Valentino

133000.jpgSerena Valentino is best known for weaving tales that combine mythos and guile with her work on the comic book series GloomCookie and Nightmares & Fairy Tales published with SLG Publishing. Nightmares & Fairy Tales has earned her critical acclaim in both the comic and horror domain, where she is known for her unique style of storytelling, bringing her readers into exquisitely frightening worlds filled with terror, beauty and extraordinary female protagonists.

Among her other projects, Serena is currently writing a horror screenplay with writer/director Phil Flores (of the Butcher Brothers) and has written two young adult novels published by Candlewick: How to be a Zombie and How to be a Werewolf, and a novel for Disney Press entitled Fairest of All: The Story of the Wicked Queen.

Some of Serena’s passions: Silent films, researching obscure historical events and odd characters, abandoned buildings, Johnny Cash, architecture, Nikola Tesla, player pianos, Tom Waits, old cannons, the 1920′s, good bourbon, werewolves, San Francisco history, Noel Coward, Oscar Wilde, Carnivals, Nick Cave, H.P. Lovecraft, New Orleans, lighthouses, the Sutro Baths ruins and of course writing.

Serena, along with her mad alchemist boyfriend live in San Francisco where they are often seen traversing the city in search of oddities, marveling at the beautiful architecture or having a drink in a local saloon. –Goodreads.


Some other Books by Serena Valentino:

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4 thoughts on “The Beast Within: A Tale of Beauty’s Prince by Serena Valentino

      1. I’m an adult but I enjoyed Narnia, Harry Potter, A Wrinkle in Time ❤😊…Now that you said this focused on Beast alone – I’m probably going to love it even more 😊

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        1. I liked it a lot and find myself enjoying YA and books geared toward younger readers often, especially the ones I enjoyed as a child. I enjoyed reading about the Beast before the curse, but I do wish it had a bit more in there about Belle too.

          It was good though, so you’ll have to let me know how you like it! 🙂 Thanks for sharing…

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