Carol Buckley’s Elephant Stories

I few months ago I read a book about Tarra the elephant and the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. I recently read two more books by Carol Buckley and one of them covers Tarra’s life before she was sent to the Elephant Sanctuary. The other discusses a different elephant’s journey. You can see my reviews for both books below. If you’d like to see the original post on Tarra and Bella, you can click HERE.

Travels with Tarra by Carol Buckley:


My review

Carol Buckley is the founder of the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. In this book she talks about Tarra, the Asian elephant who was brought to America in 1974. Tarra was purchased to live at a tire store and the owner specifically purchased her in hope of increased sales. It was sad reading just the first page of this book because you start to realize the horror of a baby elephant being torn away from its mother in the wild and the loss of security that Tarra will now experience.

The story takes us through Tarra’s journey and how Carol Buckley meets her for the very first time. She instantly had an interest in Tarra and became a permanent fixture in Tarra’s cage. Carol began studying her and wanted to know everything about her. Children will learn about how Tarra learned how to skate, how Carol begins training her, and how she becomes part of the circus making her famous. Readers will also learn about Tarra’s relationships that she had with other elephants and dogs before her arrival at the Elephant Sanctuary.

The photography in this book is amazing and insightful. I learned so much more about Tarra that I never knew before. She had many  experiences and relationships in her life.  I would recommend this book to anyone who has a love for elephants or just want to know more about Tarra.

This book does have a series of links and information for classroom use.


Here’s a video of Tarra at the Elephant Sanctuary. She can really make some different sounds!

Just for Elephants by Carol Buckley:


My review

Just for Elephants is a book about Shirley the elephant. She’s spent many years of her life in a zoo and will now be transferred to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. The story covers her traveling experience to her new destination, first days at her new home, and relationships she builds with the other elephants.

This is a great story about Shirley and after reading so many books on Tarra, it was nice to learn about another elephant’s story and introduction to the Elephant Sanctuary. It’s written well and once again, the photography pulls you in and readers will see just how wonderful and majestic these beings are. I’m thoroughly amazed at how loving elephants are towards each other and how these family relationships are necessary for their happiness. They typically have to have a ‘bestie’, are a lot like humans with their emotions, and grieve like we do.

The back of the book contains information about how the Elephant Sanctuary got started, how the elephants are cared for, why there are only females, and other facts. I highly recommend this book for classrooms and libraries. Anyone who loves animals will enjoy it.



I found this interesting clip from 60 minutes called “Secret Language of Elephants.” It’s regarding forest elephants and definitely worth watching.


Tarra and Shirley

To visit some of the elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary, please visit:

You can see the elephants on live camera!

Carol Buckley also founded a whole new organization in 2010 called Elephant Aid International (EAI). She took her work to Asia and has been freeing elephants from chains and teaching mahouts (trainer) a gentler, more respectful way of managing elephants. Then, she aquired 850 acres of land to create Elephant Refuge North America. You can read more about it by clicking the link below…

giphy (4).gif

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