Friday’s Cheap or FREE eBooks!

Hey everyone.  I thought I’d announce some FREE or cheap eBooks today. These are all on Amazon and highly rated 4**** or more. Maybe there are a few you’d like? Most of these are free. Only a few are .99 cents!

Just click the cover you’re interested in…

51tVlbmVvML515qkVmrEqL      51fE+D9WdQL.jpg









41wRYjE6XyL.jpg   51kURZj8UJL.jpg   51JpVa1cjxL.jpg

51bf4t0pbbL.jpg   51t88IwDItL.jpg  51Kn-IcoMJL.jpg

51FdyW1fhmL.jpg   51dSGOn1+KL.jpg   51Bdt6KblgL.jpg

51ha3xejuXL.jpg  41IatZgw3hL.jpg   51gsY3nymZL.jpg

4178u2zJPvL.jpg   51YVtZdCX7L.jpg   51FreFdxyfL.jpg

51VmgCM8ZmL._SX260_.jpg   51ml2vt0AFL.jpg   51PzyKgidML.jpg

51XV+B2n30L.jpg   51Zj4qlimxL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg   51mlwFygJZL.jpg

51-ZwSGEA3L.jpg   41ED+av59nL.jpg   51WW8HX5+WL

       I just picked up Logan Key’s Stockholm Sexy: Book One for .99 cents!


Hope you enjoy! If you know of any others, I’d love to hear about them! You can comment below…


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