Special Saturday Smoothie! – Dreamscicle

After making this smoothie I have to share it with everyone. I know I already posted on Wednesday’s Breakfast and a Book with a healthy Orange Julius style smoothie recipe, but this one is very close to an Orange Julius, in fact, the only fruit included is oranges. It’s still healthy, even without the greens…

The taste is similar to Orange Creamsicle. Have you guys had one of these before?


They’re delicious. It’s an orange and vanilla flavored combination. Creamsicle = ice cream and Dreamsicle = ice milk.


Playing around with different ingredients in your smoothies is so much fun. It’s hard to mess up a smoothie and you can add in pretty much whatever fruits you want. Maybe you might like this one?

Orange Dreamsicle Smoothie

4 Servings


  • 1/2 cup almond milk (any milk works- *see note below)
  • 4-5 oranges – for a sweeter smoothie, remove the pith
  • Scant tsp of vanilla extract
  • 1/3 to 1/2 cup of Raw Honey (Use more or less depending on sweetness desired)
  • Stevia if needed
  • 1-2 cups of ice ( for a fuller flavored smoothie use less ice, or none at all. I always like mine cold, so I use ice)


Pack the blender in the order given. Blend until smooth and enjoy!

With high speed blenders and even standard blenders it’s important to be sure that your ice is at the top with liquid at the bottom. This results in less use of the tamper stick. 


*Note – With a high speed blender you can make your own almond milk. I will do a post on this later, but the cheat version is to soak some almonds for a few hours and add those in with some water. If you want to use the soak water, you can. Just throw a small amount in, maybe 15-20 almonds. You can see in the photo that there are tiny little dots in the smoothie, but there are no almond pieces. The smoothie is completely smooth and delicious!

Use whatever milk you want. cow, almond, coconut, or even dry milk works good. You can use ice cream if you want to which would probably be the yummiest. I think this one is a bit healthier omitting refined sugars. Customize it however you would like. This is a basic recipe that you can change up easily!

Please feel free to comment below with thoughts and suggestions…

Thank you for checking out the Special Saturday Smoothie!


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