This Week’s Children’s Book Favorites

This week I came across some great children’s books and can’t wait to share them with you. You can see all of my reviews below. If you want to add them on Goodreads, just click the cover.

The Bear Report


This is such a cool book that teaches kids about polar bears in a fun way. It reminded me so much of The Polar Bear by Jenni Desmond.

Sophie has to do a book report on polar bears and all she can come up with is that they’re big, mean, and they eat things. After a visit with a real polar bear who takes her on a journey through its habitat, she learns much more.

The illustrations are amazing and the story is engaging and educational.


The Secret Life of a Snowflake: An Up-Close Look at the Art and Science of Snowflakes


The Secret Life of a Snowflake has to be one of the most beautiful children’s science books I’ve seen. The author, Dr. Kenneth Libbrecht, is a professor of physics and studies crystals. Not only does the book contain many photographs of Dr. Libbrecht’s snowflake finding’s, it also teaches facts about them. Many of these facts I never knew as an adult which makes this a book for everyone. Some of them include:

-Why is snow the color white?
-How are snowflakes made?
-Why are they all so different?
-Why do snowflakes all have 6 branches?

The author even covers the different states of water, clouds, the birth of a snowflake, and provides a pattern for cutting your own paper snowflake.

This is a wonderful book that would be perfect for applying in a science curriculum for kids. If you simply can’t wait to read this book, you can visit his website at Here you will find countless photos of close-up snowflakes. Simply Amazing.


Dormouse Dreams


Dormouse Dreams is a children’s book about a little dormouse who is hibernating for the winter. There are so many things happening out in the snow. The fox will ski, the chickadees chitter, and the snow piles high, but the little dormouse is fast asleep. He dreams of adventures with his little dormouse friend, but will she ever arrive?

Fairly short sentences and an easy read makes this book perfect for younger readers. It works well as a read aloud book too. We loved the illustrations most.


Along the River


I couldn’t wait to pick this up being that it’s a picture book about boating around in Brazil. Readers get an idea what it’s like for Brazilians to travel everywhere on boat and the different people you meet along the way. Children will gain a little understanding of Brazil’s culture, especially how their diet is mainly plant based.

The book to me sends a positive message about the journey through life and that you have to find your own way and follow your dreams no matter what. I think this is a book best to be read with an adult if the reader is very young.

The illustrations are so colorful and detailed. This was definitely enjoyable.


Stowaway in a Sleigh


Stowaway in a Sleigh is an adorable children’s Christmas book. Slipper the cat is curious and discovers Santa. She slips herself right into Santa’s sack and he doesn’t know the little critter is in there. Follow along in the story to see Slipper’s adventures with Santa and her and the wonderful conclusion.

I’m very happy to have this book. This is a must add to a children’s Christmas book collection. We enjoy reading Christmas books all year around and this one is perfect.


Dozy Bear and the Secret of Sleep


Dozy Bear and the Secret of Sleep is the perfect bedtime book for toddlers and children. As an adult, I even enjoyed it. What makes the book so neat are the vivid colorful illustrations against the darkness of night. The animal descriptions and story literally put you to sleep. This is one of my favorite children’s bedtime books this year.


The Treasure Box


“When the enemy bombed the library, everything burned.”

Peter’s father has a favorite book and it’s the only one that survives. They are forced to leave their homes as the enemy has chased them out of the city. Peter has to keep the book safe and will do whatever it takes to do what his father asks. Peter grows from a boy to a man and never forgets the promise he made with his father.

This a such a beautiful book. The illustrations include pages of text from The Silver Donkey by Sonya Hartnett and of Once and Then by Morris Gleitzman. The way the illustrator has done this is quite amazing. It adds such depth to the pages. Children get an idea of what real war is like and will gain an understanding of how traumatic it can be. It may be a book suited as a read along with an adult reader.

I’m convinced that Margaret Wild is one of my favorite children’s book authors of all time. I want to read everything she’s written.


Pig the Pug


Pig the Pug is a children’s book about a pug named Pig. Pig is very selfish and wants to keep all of his stuff to himself. He just won’t share with his house friend, Trevor. Trevor’s really nice to him and just wants to play with him, but Pig won’t yield. Follow along in the story to see if Pig can learn to finally share.

What makes this book so good is the illustrations of Pig. You get an idea by just viewing the cover. They’re hilarious! The children just love the pictures and the story sends a powerful message about why you shouldn’t be greedy.


Kings of the Castle


Kings of the Castle is a cute children’s story about friendship. George heads out at night with his dog Boris to build a sand castle and meets a strange creature he has issues communicating with. Will George find a friend in this new found creature?

The story is simple and the illustrations had a Shaun Tan feel, which we loved. I think the story needs a little more substance, but we still enjoyed it.

3.5 stars


Have you read any good children’s books lately? If you have any comments or suggestions please leave them below! Thank you for reading this post…

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