Magical Beasts – The Enchanted World Series Book Review

The Enchanted World Series by the Editors of Time-Life books is a book set of 21 volumes and I’ve been working to complete my set by purchasing a volume here and there. The volumes have the  year of 1985 and you can see the original commercial for the books with Vincent Price below.

Some of of the volumes are more expensive than others. I recently read Wizards and Witches by Brendan Lehane and you can see that review HERE.


Magical Beasts by Tristram Potter Coffin is the second book in the Enchanted World Series that I’ve read recently. The book is split into three sections/chapters and covers many different beasts and myths from long ago.


As you can see above, this volume has some serious cover wear. It has a very vintage smell to it as well. All the volumes have fabric covers.

This magical and mysterious volume contains stories about beasts including the Minotaur, Satyrs, Centaurs, Fomorians, dog-men, flying beasts, and unicorns. The first section covers “Vestiges of the Elder Days” and readers learn about some Greek Mythology here.


I found the second section titled “Riders of the Wind” more interesting which highlights flying creatures like the Firebird of Russia and other strange creatures that scholars learned about after their travels. It’s interesting how some of these false tales formed. This section covers the manticore, the basilisk, and the peryton to name a few.

Artwork by John Howe
Though slain by a mortal warrior’s weapon, the Centaur Chiron gained new life. Through the vault of the heavens he flies as the archer-constellation Sagittarius, his bow forever drawn against the sparkling, venom-bearing Scorpio.
The mermecolion of Asia having a lion head and an ant body was said to be gentle

Chapter three “Paragon of Purity” was probably my favorite section which covers unicorns and a few other horned creatures. It concludes with a tale about Alexander, the Macedonian King and his mighty horse.

Artwork by Kinuko Y. Craft

The artwork in these books is stunning and once again steals the show. You can locate the artists in the back of the book and learn about where all these tales originated. I like the way this volume was put together and I think people who like to read fantasy would enjoy it. Some of the stories are strange and the artwork can be explicit at times, but the tales are interesting.

Some pages have border artwork as well

My rating for this volume is:


Thanks for reading my post about the Enchanted World Series. Feel free to comment below if you’d like.


3 thoughts on “Magical Beasts – The Enchanted World Series Book Review

  1. Great post! It made me feel so nostalgic reading your review. I used to check some of these books out from the local library when I was a kid. I’d never seen that Vincent Price commercial before but I love it! 😛

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    1. How cool! My library doesn’t have these books, so I started piecing the collection together with a volume here and there. I’d never seen the commercial either! I don’t even remember it from when I was a kid. Some of the volumes I’ve purchased actually have the original pamphlet in them. I just love vintage books, don’t you? 😉 Thanks for commenting.

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