My 4th of July Weekend – In Music



Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! It’s the 4th of July weekend and for those of us living in America it’s a time for us to celebrate our freedom and salute those who fight for our country. I thought I’d share some of the music I’m jamming out to this weekend. Some of these are just songs that remind me of summer. Hope you guys enjoy.

Soundgarden – 4th of July



Grand Funk Railroad – American Band

Pearl Jam with Neil Young – Rockin in the Free World


Imagine Dragons – America

Bruce Springsteen – Born in the U.S.A.


Little Big Town – Pontoon


3 Doors Down – When I’m Gone

John Mellencamp – Small Town


Velvet Revolver – American Man


Bryan Adams – Summer of 69


Billy Ray Cyrus – Some Gave All

Steve Miller Band – Living in the USA


Simon & Garfunkel – America


Creedance Clearwater – Fortunate Son


James Brown – Living in America


John Mellencamp – Pink Houses


3 Doors Down – Citizen Soldier




Happy 4th!

15 thoughts on “My 4th of July Weekend – In Music

  1. I’m partial to GFR as their music is funky, rocky, and pleasurable. Grand Trunk Railroad was the line that served my town in the Detroit area so the name is iconic to me. But, Bryan Adams and James Brown are favorites too.

    Thanks for the post. Happy Fourth of July!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi David! That’s very interesting to me. I’m going to look that up later on.

      I got stuck listening to “Some Kind of Wonderful” this morning. Great stuff.

      Thanks for sharing! πŸ˜‰


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