Q&A with Author Andy Carrington – Plus Book reviews for S.O.P.H.I.E & Self Service Check-Outs Have No Soul

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*Warning – This Post Contains Explicit Language*


I’ve been wanting to read some of Andy Carrington’s work for some time now. I’ll admit I haven’t read much Satire or Punk Poetry and became intrigued just by the titles of these two books. I recently read Self Service Check-Outs Have No Soul and S.O.P.H.I.E. Please see my reviews for both books below and the Q&A with Andy Carrington as well. Add these books on Goodreads by clicking the covers.

Self Service Check-Outs Have No Soul


Blurb: Human anxiety / disillusionment in the machine age.

My review

I had an idea what the subject of this poetry would be just after reading the title, but what I got was more than I anticipated. Andy Carrington flat-out tells it how it is when it comes to technology and our world today. The writing covers real world scenarios and I found myself more than once saying, “Exactly!” There’s so much truth here and we have to admit it folks. It makes me think back to when I was a kid and life was more simple. Now our kids are growing up in a very different world with multiple electronic devices.

One of my favorite poems in the book is #Twits. Andy mentions Twitter and how everyone say’s what they want on the computer, but never face to face. There’s no fear behind the screen. Effective communication is out the window with social media in my opinion. I’m one of the those people who thinks social media isn’t social at all, but yeah, I finally succumbed to Twitter and so would my grandpa if he were here.

Another one that really caught my attention was “There’s an APP for a that.” I like this part…

     -we’re taken in by the waves

with our fate

being determined by the furious tap-

tap tapping

of our


I really hope a machine won’t take my postman’s place. I love that guy! Plus, privacy? There’s no such thing anymore. I’m amazed with all the thought-provoking and valid points here.

I enjoyed the film references and especially the links to the news articles pertaining to each poem. I’m glad to have read this. Technology is scary and effects everything about the way we think and act. We don’t even realize it.  I think everyone will agree.


You can pick up a copy of Self Service Check-Outs Have No Soul for only £2.00 on Andy’s website by clicking HERE. 




S.O.P.H.I.E. – Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred Intolerance Everywhere


Blurb: Written with an open mind.

Funds raised go towards the SOPHIE LANCASTER FOUNDATION.

My review

When I first opened the book I had to find out who Sophie Lancaster was. I admit, I had no clue who she was and I was shocked to find out her story, that in 2007, she was brutally beaten to death and all because of the way she looked. So, right off the rip I knew what some of the writing would entail. Andy had me from the first poem, “Revolution.” My absolute favorite out of this collection was “Stamp. Out. Prejudice. Hatred. And. Intolerance. Everywhere.”

I appreciate the free-verse format in all the poems and don’t mind that they don’t rhyme. They’re powerful and speak to the mind. The writing against fascism, racism, bullying, and prejudice really hits hard and you can feel the emotion in Andy’s writing. Now, if people would only listen.


I hope that more people will consider buying this book. It’s only £2.50 on Andy’s website and all the money goes to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Check out the link HERE.

Also, please check out the Sophie Lancaster Foundation by Clicking HERE.



Here’s an audio clip of Andy Carrington reading “Coffee Shop Wankers.”


 “Music Snob”


BeFunky Design

*Warning – This Contains Explicit Language*

Q&A with Andy Carrington


Q: At what age did you start writing?

A: I seem to recall writing my first “poem” sometime when I was 16 / 17 in retaliation to being dumped (isn’t that how most writers start out?)

Q: What prompted you to begin writing punk-poetry/satire?

A: Unemployment / lack of talent / drink / drugs and listening to too much aggressive Hip-Hop as a kid.

Q: How many poems or writings would you say you’ve written and then junked?

A: They’re all junk.

Q: Tell us about the tools you use when writing. (Pen and Paper, computer, notebooks, etc. )

A: Bag of weed / grinder / skins / roach / baccy (and never forget your lighter).

Q: What are some of your favorite books, publications, poets or authors in general?

A: Early Wu-Tang and Nas’ first 2 albums stayed close to me throughout my teens. Much of the “Olde English” Poetry bored the shit outta me in school; it wasn’t till I started reading Harrison / Bukowski that the genre seemed a bit more appealing.

Wu-Tang Clan – Protect Ya Neck

Nas – N.Y. State of Mind


Q: Do you have any favorite childhood books?

A: Jurassic Park.

Q: Are you working on anything right now?

A: I think too much and barely sleep. So, yeah… always working.

Q: What are your future plans for your writing?

A: Quit before I die.

Q: What would you say makes a poem or a written piece “great”?

A: It has to say something. It has to feel something. It has to be real-to-life. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Q: What’s the hardest part about being a writer/artist?

A: Writing the best shit you’ve ever wrote and then no one ever reading it. Also, the pay / trying to avoid the number of pompous arseholes this scene has to offer.

Q: Someone who’s just met you wants to read some of your work for the first time. Which one of your books or single poems would you recommend them to read?


Q: Do you read your book reviews and how do you handle positive and negative comments?

A: Sometimes. As with most social networking, gobshites exist for the sake of being gobshites. I got a 1-star rating off someone recently who’d never read the book (just another Nazi-sympathiser who hates anything “Lefty”).

Q: Do you care whether or not your words mean something to other people, or is the writing more for yourself??

A: I care.

Q: In a nutshell, what are you trying to communicate in Self Service Check-Outs Have No Soul?DoJGq.gif


Q: Are there any positives that you can find on the e-revolution when it comes to eBooks, streaming shows, or music?

A: Writers who wouldn’t normally have a chance to get their foot in their door have a digital platform (use it wisely).

Q: Some of the poems in S.O.P.H.I.E hit me hard. One feeling I picked up when reading some of these poems was ‘anger’ and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Do you feel like writing Satire and ranting about your feelings helps release some of the anger?

A: It’s good to vent. But I’m always angry, so…

Q: It seems that people in this world today have a lack of compassion for one another. What are your thoughts on that?

A: Fuck people (but I’m not prejudiced).

Q: Do you think someone could write Satire if they don’t feel emotions strongly?

A: Your head and heart have to be in it. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Q: Do you ever worry that what you write might hurt someone’s feelings? 

A: Nope.

Q: Are you friends with other authors and do any of them inspire or influence your writing?

A: Writer’s tend to be dicks (myself included).

Q: What’s the best way you’ve found to market your books?

A: The Internet, baby.

Q: Do you have any unpublished or incomplete books right now?

A: Currently working on 3 / 4 simultaneously, if that counts?

Q: I noticed that you’ve referenced films and music in your writing. What are some of your favorite films, music artists, or songs. 

A: THE TERMINATOR is essentially the perfect b-movie.

’FIGHT THE POWER’ is the most powerful / hard-hitting Hip-Hop song to ever come out; and Public Enemy’s never had a bad album (FACT).

Also, diggin anarchist rappers QELD at the minute; and The Clash and
Angelic Upstarts are never too far from the record player.


QELD – Oligarch Hit Squad


Angelic Upstarts – The Red Flag


White Riot – The Clash

Q: What’s your favorite music format? (LP, cassette, CD?)

A: Vinyl, cause it just sounds better (too Hipster?)

Q: What do you think is the best way to get the message out to people regarding racism, fascism, bullying, corruption and wrong behavior in general?

A: Argue logic. If that don’t work, acquaint their head with the pavement.

Q: Do you see social media having more advantages or disadvantages?

A: Twitter’s full of cunts.

Q: What are some other activities you enjoy outside of writing?

A: Smoking / drinking / wanking. I also enjoy old DVDs and short walks to the bog.

I’d like to thank author Andy Carrington for his time in completing this Q&A.



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You can find Andy Carrington at:

Goodreads | Website


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