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I was shocked yesterday to receive another amazing blog award. To me, this is such a special award. This nomination came from James@this-is-my-truth-now. James and I seem to have a lot in common and he’s become a BBB (best blogging buddy) who’s been there since I first got started blogging. I’ve learned about so many new blogs because of him as well. Please head over to visit this-is-my-truth-now to read countless book reviews, read his daily 365-day challenge and find out what’s happening with his new novel! There’s so much more. Loads of excitement! Thanks, James!

So, what is the Black Cat Blue Sea Award?

This award is for bloggers who strive to write for everybody, and no matter how many viewers they get, make an impact on a reader. This award is an expression of gratitude to the nominee. It should be awarded to anybody that you choose deserves it, and it doesn’t mean that they must have hundreds of followers and likes.


  • anybody nominated can nominate up to eight other bloggers
  • the nominee answers three questions posed by the nominator
  • the questions you ask while nominating can be any three questions
  • if any of the questions asked are offensive or the nominee simply does not want to answer, the nominee does not have to answer them to earn the award

Questions from James with my answers:


What would you like bloggers to do more of that they aren’t doing right now?

Umm, is come check out my blog a good answer? Totally joking!

I think bloggers are doing a wonderful job with their blogs and I enjoy seeing everyone’s different styles and ideas. I love that as of right now, I’m yet to find two blogs that are totally alike. The creative expression I’ve seen is inspiring and I enjoy being part of it. With that said, I just want to see everyone enjoy themselves and I’m happy to be here. So, please keep blogging!


Tell us 4 things about yourself, one of which is not true… and see if we can guess.

  • I love animals – I’d be happy to spend the rest of my life around them.
  • I love housekeeping – Having everything in pristine order is a must.
  • Introvert alert! I don’t like parties, large crowds, or sitting in a packed movie theatre. I’m perfectly happy at home with my books, music, and nature.
  • I don’t really enjoy writing. I’ve never felt good at it and struggle just writing a book review. If I were to write a book, I’d have NO IDEA where to start.

Which one do you think is not true?


Describe a perfect day that balances all the things you love.

This is difficult because it changes with seasons and I enjoy a wide range of activities, but since it’s summer for us, I’ll go with that. A perfect summer day for me would be waking up before dawn to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee with some fresh baked banana bread while catching up with updates on Goodreads & WordPress. Then, I’d spend some time outside listening to the birds as the sun begins to rise while enjoying a good book. Mid-day I’d throw together one of my favorite soups and have a few hours of reading time with my kids. Maybe we’d take a trip to the library in the afternoon and come back for a jump in the pool. I’d have dinner planned ahead and ready by 6pm, then on to Netflix for a bit before settling down with some good music in preparation for a good night’s sleep. In between all of that, I’d spend some time playing frisbee with my pups. Any day without stress is a good one!



My questions for the nominees:

1- If you could turn back time and do something differently, what would it be?

2- Name three or four things you most appreciate in your life (family, job, etc.)

3- Are you a city mouse or a country mouse?


My Nominee’s:

No pressure if you don’t want to participate, but I feel that you deserve this award! Thanks for reading. 🙂


43 thoughts on “Award: Black Cat Blue Sea Award

  1. Nel

    Congratulations! I’m going to to guess and say it’s the housekeeping one cause in my mind, who the hell LIKES housekeeping? (Sorry in advanced if I’m wrong) Hahaha

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    1. Thanks, Claire! Oh my gosh, you’re the sweetest, but it’s true. I have serious issues writing and I’m never comfortable with it. I appreciate your kind comments though. You’re such a great friend. 💗


    1. Thanks so much, Misty. I’m flattered with your comment. It’s actually true that I don’t like or feel comfortable writing. I never have. I actually dislike house cleaning, lol. 😉 Thanks so much for commenting. 😉

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  2. Love your answers! I think your untruth is your not an introvert, but I could be wrong!

    Thanks for the nomination! Both you and Noriko got me on this one today 😊 I promise to get to it when I can! I’m still trying to catch up on some other tags and awards…somehow I was awarded for the Liebster Award 3x the same week you nominated me, so that’s going to be interesting to do! Lol!

    Thanks again!! I’ll definitely post it when I can! ❤❤

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    1. Hi, Stephanie! Thanks so much. 🙂 I actually am an introvert. As I’ve grown older, it’s actually gotten worse, but I’m okay with it. Have you done the 16 personalities test yet? I’d like to know what yours is. Let me know! 😉

      You’re most welcome for the award. Oh no! I meant to double check that. Well, you deserve two anyway, lol! 4 liebsters! Wow, congrats. That’s so much fun! When I first started blogging I had no idea awards and tags even existed, lol! 😂 Can’t wait to see your answers, but no rush! 💗💗💗


      1. Oh, lol!! I have started Who I Am tag with the personality test but not finished it. But I took 5 Pysch classes as an undergrad because I love the subject and it was like every class made you do an in-depth personality test. I’m an introvert too. I’m actually an INFJ, the rarest personality type, lol! I love, love to talk to talk to people who I click with and will talk about anything like we were saying the other night, but I prefer to be in small groups of my favorite people. Crowds overwhelm me, partially because I have anxiety disorder and get panic attacks. I guess I assumed you weren’t an introvert because you’re so outgoing, lol. But…the same can be said for me ❤❤

        Oh it’s fine! I’m probably going to combine them into 1 post and answer all the questions on there. I’ll just put you both on there. That will make it easier to find people to tag, lol. That’s my hardest thing with tags is finding who to tag in case they’ve already done it or don’t do tags. Once I do those Liebsters that will make 5 of them I’ve had since May…I think I may be at my Liebster quota if there is such a thing, lol. I’m definitely going to do those 3 as 1 post because I’m not going to try and find 33 people to nominate hahaha 😂🤤🙄 I’d be looking for hours!! Tags are fun, but I can spend so much time on them, lol.

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    2. Oh yay! I can’t wait to see that one. I love that tag! I’m an INTP-T. When I learned that, I was so amazed. Described me to a T! So fun. 😉

      I’m the same way, Stephanie. I like talking to nice people I know, lol. Crowds freak me out. I’ve suffered anxiety as well. Is there anything we don’t have in common? Haha!

      I’ve seen others combine their awards too. I remember the first time I saw that and I was like, huh? I didn’t know you could keep getting them! Lol 😉


      1. Lol!! I’m hoping to get the time to have that tag done for Tues. It is fun but a long tag, lol! So much to hunt down and then analyze. And I’m a big analyzer 😁

        I’m sure we have a lot more in common!! I feel it ❤❤

        I saw someone combine their tags, and I was like, yay!! I didn’t know you could either, but I guess if the blogger doesn’t know you’ve gotten it before…idk. I suppose you could just say you’ve been awarded it before. I’m not sure. I just got the Sunshine Award for the 3rd time too. I feel like with that and especially the Liebster Award that I’ve probably reached my limit. I appreciate it every time, but there have to be bloggers who’ve never received it who also deserve it and then I feel bad…

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      1. Haha, I just read your untruth was about not liking to clean the house but who does!! So I realized we’re exactly the same with the writing! I love to write but struggle with it so badly…book reviews, tags, email, you name it. You should see me writing essays for class because I want to try and make sure they are perfect. I’ll literally get so freaked out that I will sit and sob writing them. My husband hates when school starts because I seriously will be that upset all semester. And it’s a lit degree, so I’m constantly writing, lol. And I have to write a 300 plus word dissertation by spring 😢 The crazy thing is I want my writing perfect and I will spend days editing and editing then I’ll get an A so I didn’t need to go through all that drama. My professors tell me this and if it were one of my students doing this, I’d definitely talk to them and say this worry and stress is not worth it for classes, especially when you have an A in it so I know I’m off the wall nuts. It’s just hard to stop when I feel like I’m stuck in quick sand when I’m writing….

        But jeez if I didn’t struggle with writing I’d be caught up on most of my book reviews. I know what I want to say but it takes forever to put it on paper, so to speak. I wish I could write those the way I can comments. And I’m comfortable writing things for my students…maybe because it’s not graded or I don’t know! It’s crazy. And my dream has been to always write a book but like you, I would have no idea where to start!

        Can I say I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggles with this?? I hate you do because it’s so hard, but I feel less stupid now if that makes sense! ❤❤❤❤

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    3. Wow, sounds like you’re constantly writing! I have to say that you majoring in a lit degree and struggling with writing is very surprising, but actually makes me feel a little better in a weird way! Has it become easier for you at all? It is nice to hear that from someone else, even though it’s not a great thing to experience. It stresses me out sometimes. Exactly like you say, you know what you want to say, but struggle getting it onto paper. I had an author tell me this year that I had a way with words and that I should keep writing. Has to be the warmest compliment I’ve ever received and it made me feel great, but it doesn’t take the struggle away. When I write about something that I’m passionate about, it comes easier. Is that how it is for you too?

      I want to write a book so badly about my health conditions and what I did to heal myself, but I’m thinking negatively because I don’t know if people will read it! I have to push myself to not think negatively sometimes. I really need to work on that! I just know what a struggle it would be for me and how many years it would take to write a book. I need to just do it. Period. I’m at the point now where I realize that with my family genetics, it’s very possible that people in my family, maybe even my kids, might develop disorders and need help healing. If nothing else, they’d have my story.

      Anyways, what a ramble! Lol. Thanks for sharing again. Great conversation!


      1. It’s gotten worse for me over time, which is odd. When I got my Bachelor’s degree in Lit back in god I’m old, lol it was like whatever. Then I went in to the Master’s degree program and that was of course harder and had way more writing, and I think that’s when I started to struggle more. I was in the 18mth accelerated program and determined to keep my 4.0 GPA, which I did, but I think focusing mostly on my grades made writing harder because it took the joy out of writing and made it more about a competition.

        Now this is my PhD that I’m getting. Getting my doctorate is the hardest thing I’ve probably ever done with writing because once again, I’m all focused on that A. Earning a doctorate is highly competitive. It’s competitive in what candidates are chosen, if your thesis prospectus is approved, scholarships for semesters, etc study programs. All that looks at your grades and quality of work. So again instead of going with the flow like I did when I got my Bachelor’s 18 yrs ago, I’m freaking like I did when I got my masters degree 17 yrs ago. Lol. I’m not even sure why I went back for my doctorate except that I promised myself I would. And I do love lectures. I could sit through them all day I’m such a nerd, lol. I’m going to try and be more relaxed this semester. Like I tell my students who freak out about grades a B won’t be the end of the world but stress will make them miserable.

        It’s funny though, in the 15yrs I’ve taught British literature, Contemporary literature, and a several years Southern Gothic Literature when we offered it I’ve had to write journal articles for education journals and online websites for other educators as a job requirement. I didn’t struggle so much with those because I felt like I was teaching. When I’m teaching, I’m in my element and feel in control because, well, I know what I’m doing. Maybe I just need to feel that feeling like I know what I’m doing when I sit down to write!
        Oh, yes I write easier when I’m passionate about it!I think that’s why the journal article for work come easier too since I’m passionate about my subject.

        You do write really well! But I understand that the compliments don’t take away the struggle. I’ve written a couple of literary research articles that have gotten awards in the journal, but I still question everything I write. It’s funny how all the encouragement in the world still doesn’t help.

        I think structure and organization can be very confusing. When I grade, I’m more concerned about whether my students were able to analyze and interpret the material. I want to see them understand Milton rather than have a perfectly structured essay. I don’t teach grammar and essay writing; those classes are prerequisites for my class, so I want them loving and learning rather than freaking out about how to write although I will help them every step of the way make it right. Just like I refuse to write with an outline because I absolutely can’t. I spent 6 hrs once trying to write an outline and have refused to since. Not every one can and I refuse to make my students write with one. You can or can’t. I’m interested to read your post on this! I was lucky in high school to have magnificent English teachers, they helped encourage me to major in Lit since English was my favorite class.

        You really should write the book!! I’d love to read it! I have so many health problems and diagnosed disorders that I need to find something to heal me! I always think negatively but it’s my anxiety talking. Definitely, your kids would benefit. My boys are always asking me if they are going to get this or that because I have it, and I don’t know but better they watch for it than not know!

        I ramble best of all. It’s more like a conversation lol. 😂😉


    4. Stephanie, I’m thoroughly impressed! Good for you working so hard and getting all those degrees. It’s amazing. 😉 It sounds very competitive, but you got this! What a GPA! Thank you for sharing all of it.

      Thanks for being so kind with your comments. It really does mean something. I’m not giving up on writing my book and thanks for saying that you would read it.! 😉 I’m going to write the book because I know it will help people. Had I listened to my docs, I’d probably be on meds which would only be making me worse. I really want to share my story just so that people know they have options. Healing is real. ❤ Thanks for sharing again, Stephanie!

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      1. Wow, I thought I replied to you! I’m so sorry!
        Thank you for all your kind words…it’s rough going. Sometimes I feel like giving up, but I’ll keep going, lol. ‘m an overachiever that’s for sure and I almost feel like yeah, it’s great that I have a 4.0, and I’m proud that I do, but I have to fight to keep it in this program and does it really matter in the scheme of things?? My family and health should be my priority. Everything going on with my health just makes it harder, I hope since I’m making changes this year that things will help so much since the last couple of years have been hellish for all of us and have about done me in health wise. I end up having such bad fibromyalgia flares towards the end of every semester that I am bedridden for a couple of weeks because I’m in such excruciating pain and have such fatigue.

        You have no idea how much I would read your book! I’m headed to two different doctors today to treat some of my many ailments today, and it is just so hard since I’m on a cabinet’s worth of prescription medications, herbals, vitamins, and natural supplements with prescribed, recommended by my doctors, or discovered by me as things to take that supposedly help with all the different things I have. And I hate some of these medicines!! The side effects make me feel so awful at times…dizzy, fatigued, weight gain, tingling and pins and needles in my hands and arms, forgetfulness…I could go on! I have several autoimmune disorders, which I saw one your blog that you also have autoimmune disorders, and they are no fun. There are so fun and as my dr told me, once you have one, you are more likely to develop another, which I have found to be true the older I have become. It seems like a new one crops up every so often! I have autoimmune atrophic gastritis which I think scares me the most because I have precancerous cells in my stomach that they have found on biopsy (and I have yearly stomach biopsies to check them to make sure they are not cancerous after 8 yrs), and I desperately wish I could heal my stomach. The atrophic part means I have no stomach acid and have pernicious anemia, so it can be so hard to eat at times and I have to have Vit B 12 shots every month. I’m going to check out some of the cookbooks that you have on your blog and see if anything can help 🙂 It’s so exhausting to be sick all the time. To have the autoimmune disorders on top of fibromyalgia which mimics so many autoimmune disorders and having severe endometriosis which the are now saying meets the criteria of an autoimmune disorder but haven’t designated it as such so are calling it an immune system disorder. I think I can learn so much from what you did to heal yourself to heal me!! I’m so, so tired of feeling like death 90% of the time and having such awful flare ups that my life is spent on my couch…thank god for online classes and being able to teach classes online or I’d be out of a job and out of the opportunity to take classes!!
        I hijacked your thread 😦 Here is my email… if you want to chat longer! ❤ Thanks for listening and being a wonderful blogger friend!! 🙂


  3. Noriko

    Congratulations, Mischenko! Great answers! Your perfect day sounds so relaxing ✨😊 I’m glad you feel the same way to #1 – our answers are quite alike! 💗💕
    By the way I’ll go for the writing one is the odd one out!!

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    1. Thanks, Noriko! You too! I definitely feel the same with the first question. I enjoy everyone’s creativity so much! So, the writing is true. The untrue one is the house keeping. 😉 I really don’t enjoy it! 💗 Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  5. Thank you so very much for the nomination! When I was reading your post I was thinking having a house in pristine order AND using love and cleaning in the same sentence? well …. that definitely was not or could not be the truth! Let’s face it anyone who has a great music selection, cooks and enjoys doing everything and life like you do …. probably does not love cleaning (even tho it has to be done) hahaha. Great answers 🙂

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  6. Hi Mischenko,
    Congratulations on your blog award. From all the likes on this post, it looks like you deserve it.
    I met you at Jason’s blog party. Maybe you can check out my blog. My site offers blogging tips. I also host 6 blog parties a month including 2 like Jason where you could meet new readers.

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  7. starjustin

    Awesome! Congrats on the award. I would have never thought that the one that was not true was the housekeeping one. The way you write reviews and blog seems to come so easily for you so I truly don’t see that you would have any problems writing your book. 🙂

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    1. Dani, you’re most welcome! I guess housekeeping is an easy one, lol. I don’t think I know a single person who loves it! 😉

      Thanks for reading it and I can’t wait to read your answers! 💗👍😄

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