Stump The Grown-Up Book Review

Stump the Grown – Up


In June we made a trip to the book store searching for some fun summer reads. My kids picked out this book titled Stump The Grown-Up and I was instantly intrigued. It’s chock-full of questions regarding math, science, food, history, reading, pop culture and more. The book is so much fun to read with kids because they ask you the questions to see just how smart you are! They are learning and they don’t even know it. This isn’t just fun for the kids, it’s fun for the whole family.


Some questions are multiple choice, whereas some are matching. There are regular questions that offer no hints at all. A few examples are:

  •  What was the first food grown in space?
  • George Washington Carver discovered more than 300 uses for what food?
  • In Tuck Everlasting, what secret power does the Tuck family possess?

Other matching questions ask fun facts regarding fast food catchphrases and even cover the 50 states and capitals of the United States! Answers are on the bottom of the page and appear upside down so they’re not easy to read.


This is a great read for anytime of the year. It’s been fun keeping our brains stimulated over summer vacation and I can still see us reading this book throughout the school year. Hands down it’s one of the most fun and best educational books we found. 5*****




Blurb: Baffle your teacher, stump your mom, perplex your grandpa, and confound your big brother with hundreds of awesome trivia questions that only kids know the answers to!

Know-it-alls beware! Grown-ups may think they have all the answers, but I bet you know a lot more than they do about dinosaurs, outer space, geography, and even technology! Now’s the time to find out just how smart your parents really are! Challenge your grandparents to an exciting lightning round of trivia questions, or put Dad to the test with a true-or-false quiz—and see who gets more answers right! (I bet it’ll be you!)

STUMP THE GROWN-UP is the perfect addition to family activity nights, your beach bag, or the back pocket of the driver’s seat. Put the whole family’s IQ to the test with STUMP THE GROWN-UP! – Goodreads


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Thanks for reading! If you have any recommendations on educational books, I’d love to hear about them. Please feel free to comment below with thoughts and suggestions!

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