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I found this tag over at coffeelovingbookoholic.com and thought I’d give it a try! If you haven’t checked out this blog yet, please do. There’s a lot to read including book reviews, awards, tags, top books, wrap-ups and more!


This tag was originally created by the bookish underdog. Please also check out this blog if you haven’t already…

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1. Find a book on your shelves with a blue cover. What made you pick up the book in the first place?



I really loved this book and the cover has to be one of my favorites. The cover baited me from the moment I saw it, but the fact that it was a Labyrinth retelling is what sold me.

2. Think of a book you didn’t expect to enjoy but did. Why did you read it in the first place?

Our Guys


I had to read this for a college sociology class and given the content, I didn’t think I would like it. It was actually really good and I couldn’t wait to get to the end to discover what was going to happen. It’s hard to believe, but it’s a true story.

3. Stand in front of your bookshelf with your eyes closed and pick up a book at random. How did you discover this book? 

Half Broke Horses


I picked this up from a book sale for .50 cents along with The Glass Castle. It sounded interesting and I plan to read it this year. I still have to read The Glass Castle too which is now a movie!

4. Pick a book that someone personally recommended to you. What did you think of it?

A Monster Calls


Wow, when I first read this, I was so emotional. It wasn’t what I expected, but I still rated it 4 stars because it was good. I went back and read it all over again a few months later and ended up giving it a higher rating because I felt that the book deserved 5 stars. I personally just had a hard time with some of the events in the book.


5. Pick a book you discovered through book blogs. Did it live up to the hype?

Above the Flames by Cassandra Fear


I actually won this on a blog giveaway. I loved the cover and after reading the blurb, it sounded cool. I didn’t necessarily see a bunch of hype for it, but it was definitely a good book. You can see my Q&A with the author HERE.

6. Find a book on your shelves with a one word title. What drew you to this book?

Tapestry by Laurel Lee


I picked up Walking Through Fire at a sale years ago. I was so stuck in the book that I couldn’t put it down. It’s a true story and after I finished it, I had to know what happened to Laurel. I purchased this and was very pleased with it. It has photos and it’s written in journal format. Diagnosed with Cancer at 29, her story is amazing…

7. What book did you discover through a film/TV adaptation?



I didn’t read the book until after I discovered the first season. I’ve read the first three and need to read the rest.

8. Think of your all-time favorite books. When did you read these and why did you pick them up in the first place?

This is so hard! I could add tons of books here. I read all of these at various times and one as far back as childhood (Favorite Poems). Each one I picked up for various reasons. Chris Farley and Jim Gaffigan both make me laugh and I will never tire of them. Some are educational and I love that. Some I read because they are my favorite music artists or celebrities. A few are emotional and I like those types of books sometimes. I just grab what I feel like reading at the time. Roughly half of these that you see below I read this year.



Thanks for reading this tag! Because I wasn’t tagged, I won’t be tagging anyone today. If you’d like to do this one, please do! Link back if you’d like so I can see your answers.

Hope everyone has a great week!

20 thoughts on “TAG: The How I Choose My Books Tag

  1. Nel

    Is that your bookshelf in the first picture??? If it is, it’s absolutely gorgeous! I’m glad you included a few of the real books you have. I adore that cover of Outlander more than the minimalist ones now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is one of my shelves, Nel! I think I have a picture of it on my About page. Thanks so much!! It’s really the best organized shelf I have. The others are quite boring, haha.

      I feel the same about the old covers. They are just solid colors and sort of boring to me. I’m happy to have found the old editions at a sale.

      Thanks for commenting! ❤ Have a wonderful week, Nel!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nel

        Its fabulous! I don’t have the patience to sort by color and besides, I need to have authors and series grouped together. Where did you get those shelves?? I feel like they would be a good addition in my house stacked on top of each other haha.
        You have a wonderful week as well!

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanks, Nel. They’re from the 80’s. My grandmother had them custom built for my mom and we’ve been using them since, but I recently painted them black. This is mainly a collection of hardcovers and I just grouped each color. It was really easy! Someone mentioned that it wasn’t a good literary choice because authors weren’t grouped, but I like it for now.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. I appreciate it. 🖤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! You’re so sweet. Twilight and Wintersong are faves and lately I’ve been seeing such bad reviews on them. Glad to hear that you loved them! Thanks for sharing that! 🙂 ❤


  2. Jim Gaffigan is hilarious. 🙂 I’ve read his “Dad is Fat” book, but I’ll have to check out “Food: a Love Story” too now.
    I really need to read Wintersong, I love Labyrinth. It’s one of my all time favorite movies. 🙂 It’d be cool to read a book based off of it.Also, your Goblin King Pop Vinyl figure is adorable!


    1. He is, isn’t he? Makes me laugh and I love watching his stand up. Dad is Fat is another favorite.

      You might love Wintersong! Let me know if you try it. I loved it, although I’ve seen some bad reviews here lately from others. I’m happy to have purchased it.

      Thanks so much! 💗

      Liked by 1 person

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