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I was recently tagged by two very awesome blogging friends Noriko@bookfiendsite and Claire@brizzleassbooks for the What Makes You Happy Tag. I’d like to thank both of these beautiful ladies for tagging me. They both have wonderful blogs so please check them out if you haven’t already. I feel lucky to know them both.


I was super excited to get tagged for this because I’ve been seeing it around and it looks really fun.

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Let’s get started!

List 5 Things That Make You Happy:

  1. Family: My kids are like sunshine to me and brighten my days like nothing else. They consistently make me laugh, surprise me with new and amazing things, and make my life complete. My husband and my mom are my best friends and I’m lucky to have them as well.
  2. Music: I think many people relate to music in some way, but for me, music is a lifeline. Is it crazy to say that I wouldn’t exist without music? Music has made me who I am. It’s a part of me that cannot be taken away and integral to my existence. It’s motivating, mood-lifting, healing and nostalgic at times. I simply can’t say enough about it…
  3. Reading: I haven’t always loved learning, but I always loved to read and appreciate learning all that I can now. Reading soothes me, relaxes my body, stimulates my mind, and takes me places. Traveling through time, imaging life in someone else’s shoes, learning, escaping and enhancing my mood are all some of the reasons why I love reading.
  4. Having my health: I’ve said before how important it is to have your health, because if you don’t, you can’t live a very happy life. This is true for me and I appreciate the fact that I’m in control of my health. When I’m healthy, I’m happy and I can live my life fully.
  5. Freedom: I feel really lucky to have my freedom. I appreciate that I have the freedom to do what I want to do and it makes me very happy to have a choice to read what I want, eat what I want, sleep when I want, and pretty much be myself. I think these are things that we easily take for granted.
  6. Bonus! My Pups! 


List 5 Songs That Make You Happy

Like Claire mentioned, this is a hard one. A lot of my music is also depressing, but surprisingly makes me happy. It’s way too hard to pick just 5, so I decided to pick songs that REALLY lift my mood and make me want to dance around the place…


INXS – Need You Tonight

It’s sad that Michael Hutchence took his own life because his music was some of the best. He was an amazing person and I wish he could’ve received the help he needed.  I loved nearly every song they came out with and never get tired of listening to this song.

Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance

This one reminds me of when I was just a wee little one sitting in front of MTV. I loved this video so much and can remember skipping around to it. It’s songs like this that influenced my love for music in the first place…

Far East Movement – Like A G6

I don’t know what to say about this song, but it really gets me moving. It reminds me of New Year’s Eve…

Lorde – Tennis Court

Love the beat and lyrics…

Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know – Radio Mix

I love this song, but the radio edit was probably the best version for me. I love the rhythm of it…


A bonus!

La Roux – Bulletproof



Irena@  –  https://booksandhottea.wordpress.com/2017/08/08/the-sunshine-blogger-award-2-2/


Darque Dreamer@  https://darquedreamerreads.wordpress.com/2017/08/08/alex-eliza-by-melissa-de-la-cruz/




Thanks for reading!

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42 thoughts on “Tag: What Makes You Happy Tag

  1. starjustin

    Thanks for including me as one of your ‘best friends’ in your post! Means so much to me! This is a beautiful, heartfelt post and the music videos are great! Love you bunches Jen, you always bring out the best in your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your answers so much and agree 100% with what you said about music (surprise!) Really interesting songs I didn’t know some of them at all so have been sat here having a good old listen! INXS was a wonderful choice! I’m popping them on my playlist now as this has reminded me how much I enjoy their music. I also don’t know much Lorde but quite surprisingly given my genre taste I quite like everything of hers I hear!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Claire. Lorde has some pretty good stuff. I love her voice. I basically wanted to pick songs that really get me moving. I think I’ve worn everyone out with my love for grunge and Chris Cornell, lol. I really enjoy all types of music…

      INXS = amazing! I love all their stuff. Thanks for sharing, Claire. I really appreciate you tagging me for this because it was so much fun! ❤ So glad to be connected…


    1. Hey, Noriko! Good morning and thank you for tagging me! This was so much fun. Aww, thanks for liking the pups too.

      That song is so good, isn’t it? The radio edit has always been a favorite of mine. That beat makes the song even better. Glad you liked it! Have a wonderful day! 💗

      Liked by 1 person

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