Throwback Thursday – Our Guys – August 17th

Throwback Thursday is a weekly meme created by Renee @ It’s Book Talk. This meme is an awesome way to share favorites that were published over a year ago or even books that you’re finally reading after much time has passed. I have plenty of those to share! If you have your own Throwback Thursday recommendation feel free to jump on board, and you’re welcome to use Renee’s pic as well. Please link back to her@It’s Book Talk.


-This week’s Pick-

Our Guys: The Glen Ridge Rape and the Secret Life of the Perfect Suburb


I had to read this book for a college sociology class and I had zero expectations in enjoying the book given the content of it. It’s true that it’s difficult to read at times, but the writing pulled me in and I had to know what was going to happen to the group of people responsible.

What’s no surprise to me, even after reading this years ago, is that this behavior is still relevant today. There are people willing to overlook their child’s behavior and they’ll do whatever it takes to protect them. In this case, it was an entire community.

They did make this into a lifetime movie which can be seen on YouTube, but the book is way better. The book also contains real pictures of the people involved.

I would recommend not even reading the blurb on this one. Just jump in and read it…My rating on this one is 5*****




In March 1989 a group of teenage boys lured a retarded girl into a basement in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, and gang-raped her. Glen Ridge was the kind of peaceful, affluent suburb many Americans dream about. The rapists were its most popular high school athletes. And although rumors of the crime quickly spread through the town, weeks passed before anyone saw fit to report it to the police.

What made these boys capable of brutalizing a girl that some of them had known since childhood? Why did so many of their elders deny the rape and rally around its perpetrators? To solve this riddle, the Edgar award-winning author Bernard Lefkowitz conducted years of research and more than two hundred interviews. The result is not just a wrenching story of crime and punishment, but a hauntingly nuanced portrait of America’s jock culture and the hidden world of unrestrained adolescent sexuality.

  • Paperback: 528 pages
  • Publisher: Vintage; 1st Vintage Books ed edition (April 28, 1998)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0676540643
  • ISBN-13: 978-0375702693

Find it on Goodreads and Amazon


You can find the movie on Amazon as well…


Have you read this book or seen the movie? Feel free to share your comments below. Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Our Guys – August 17th

  1. David R. Dowdy

    It’s awful how often this crime happens and at all! Families want to protect the accused. That’s understandable, but not when the facts emerge. The wealthier the perpetrators are, the more like they’re going to walk away with no sentence. The event, lack of concern for the victim, and the succeeding denials are all disgusting.

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    1. I agree, Dave. I heard a similar story locally a few years ago and it was comparable to this one in that it was a high school football team that was shut down by the coach because of the boys’ behavior and the parents were outraged. All they were worried about was their kids getting their scholarships and their reputation even though the boys were guilty. It was pretty crazy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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