Lesson’s From Grandpa #5 – Patience

When I was a kid, I was always in a hurry. I can remember watching the clock and hurrying home from school. Birthdays, holidays, and family get-togethers were counted down to days, hours, and even minutes. I couldn’t get to the store fast enough to buy that new toy.

Me opening my Easter basket – 1979


Even as a teen, I was always in a hurry to buy new clothes or pick up that new release album that just came out. Not only that, I was in a hurry to grow up. My grandfather would remind me all the time to have patience. A saying that went around our house frequently was,

“Patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait.”

The truth is that I had zero patience. As I became older and even into my young adult hood, it didn’t change much. Now I was either hurrying home from work, rushing home from college, or counting down the minutes until the weekend.  I was always and forever in a hurry to do something and just couldn’t wait. I even had issues finishing peoples sentences for them and eating too fast. This is still a challenge.


I’m going to be forty next month and I’ve recently had my patience tested again with Cynder Rae. We’ve been trying to breed her with Winston for some time now and have been unsuccessful. In mid-July, Cynder finally allowed Winston to mate and we were hopeful that we’d have a litter this time, but little did I know, it was going to take time to find out.


Cynder has had multiple false pregnancies in the past, in fact, she’s quite prone to them. When a dog has a false pregnancy, everything happens just like a real pregnancy, there just aren’t any pups in the end and it can be hard on dogs, emotionally and physically. After Cynder mated with Winston, she started changing and we began to wonder,

“Are babies on the way?”


Reasons why we think she could be pregnant:

  • She mated successfully
  • Her body evidently started preparing for milk production right away
  • She sits differently
  • She’s very needy, more than before, and won’t leave my side most of the day
  • She’s started collecting toys in groups
  • Her appetite has gone through the roof
  • She’s growling at Winston and has become uninterested in him


Reasons why we think she’s not:

  • She’s not showing
  • Her energy hasn’t changed and she’s still herding everything that moves
  • She wants to run and play just as much as before
  • She had zero morning sickness
  • She’s never been fatigued


Of course, all the reasons for why we think she could be pregnant occur in a false pregnancy as well and that can last for months or more. 

I called different vets and discovered she could be palpated around day 28, or have a blood test around that time to confirm pregnancy. Palpating isn’t invasive, but can’t guarantee anything. To have a blood test was around $60. To have an ultrasound would total near $185 because they also charge an exam fee. At first, I opted for the blood test until I began to think about the stress it would cause her. We’d recently had Winston see the vet for a week long case of diarrhea and it was horrible. He hated every minute, it stressed him out further, and it turned out to be nothing serious after spending $313 dollars. I pondered what to do and my husband came up with a plan.

“Why don’t we just wait and see if she has puppies? Why do we need to spend money? Let’s just give it time.”

I realized once again that maybe I wasn’t being patient. I felt that we needed to know to prepare, but did we really? I talked to a friend and her opinion was,

“If it puts your mind at ease, take her in.”

This was true, it would put my mind at ease and we would finally know. A few days later, I had a discussion with my mom about it and she turned to me and said,

“Patience is a virtue.”

That’s exactly what my grandfather would say if he was still living. At that moment, I could hear him saying have patience in my head as clear as day! So, I decided to wait it out. My mom and husband were right and we don’t truly NEED a definitive answer right now. I’m fairly peaceful with the decision.

Today is Tuesday, September 5th, and we still aren’t positive whether or not Cynder is pregnant. Her body has certainly changed and offers more clues, but we have to wait. By calculation, she should be due around September 17th. I’ll be sure to fill you guys in on whether she has puppies or not.


Her favorite sleeping spot under the stove.



The fact is, I’m still struggling with patience, but I’m getting better. I’ve started to realize that not being patient can lower your quality of life and having patience results in tranquility rather than worry. I’ve since started practicing mindfulness and it’s helping. I hope to one day have this lesson from Grandpa completely conquered.


Do you struggle with patience? How do you deal with it? Please feel free to comment with thoughts and suggestions below.

22 thoughts on “Lesson’s From Grandpa #5 – Patience

  1. Nel

    Wonderful post, wonderful lesson Mischenko! I’m normally a patient person unless I’m gifting someone then I get so impatient because I want them to know what I got them so bad, haha. I think it comes from years of working retail. My husband struggles with impatience a whole lot more than I do and will be the first to admit that he lacks patience. We usually end up talking it through like how you did with your husband and your mind and his patience level becomes a lot more tolerant than it did before.

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  2. starjustin

    Grandpa lived to be 86 years old and, to me, had patience with almost everything. A concept that is difficult for many but I think improves with age and practice. As for myself, I think it goes both ways. Lol. Sometimes patient and sometimes not.
    I know Cynder will be a great Mommy when the time comes! 🐾

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  3. What will be will be … save the money in the bank. You reminded me of a saying I heard a long time ago ‘Don’t worry worry, until worry worries you’ … cute eh? I’ve been having patience issues myself, as you know, waiting to hear from publishers – I’m getting better and better at it. Hugs 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Claire. You’re so sweet to say that! 💖💜💖 Thanks for being a great friend. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I could’ve sworn I felt movement in her stomach today. Guess we’ll see. ♡ Chat soon!


  4. I so enjoy your Grandpa Lessons. My Grandpa was a huge influence on me, too, but he was an impatient man. He would scold his college students, marking their math work papers with all kinds of comments with lots of exclamation marks! At his funeral several of his students told my grandmother he pushed them to do better and they were glad as they were better prepared for their jobs.
    We never bred our dogs, so I’m hoping for puppies at your place! And lots of puppy pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you, Nancy! How ironic that your grandfather was a teacher as well. He was very strict and did expect his students to do well just like yours! At his funeral, there were students that came and said the exact thing, although he taught upper elementary. It seemed that the pushing for excellence was very important to them in the long run. Thank you for sharing your story. I love to hear it. ♡

      Thanks for the puppy wishes too! 🐕 This will be a first for my family. I’m so hopeful! 💜


  5. This is a wonderful post with a great message… I do hope that absolutely adorable dog of yours will finally get her pups!
    Patience is something I struggle with, but only when someone else doesn’t have it 😀 hahaha.. Personally, I vary with patience… depending on my mental state, I either have it, or I don’t.. mostly though I;m the one telling my husband, for example, that patience is a virtue that he doesn’t have at all… I don’t have patience either with some things but next to him, I’m the balancing calmness 😀 it’s odd… basically, I preach what I don’t practice … hypocrite, me! 😀

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    1. Liz, thank you. We’re hopeful for puppies!

      Like you, I do think it varies. I was telling Nel that it’s funny how we complement our partners on what they’re lacking, lol. Good that it works out that way! Thanks so much for sharing your story. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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