Meet The Reader with Anthony Jones

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I’m always looking for friends on Goodreads that have similar tastes. I like learning about new books and discussing them with others, so I decided to experiment with a new idea and thought it would be neat to find readers that I’m friends with on Goodreads and share them with you. Maybe they might be someone you’d like to add too. As I find readers with an interest, I’ll introduce them.

Meet the Reader Series

Today’s Featured Reader:

Anthony Jones


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Did you enjoy reading as a child? If so, what were some of your favorite books?

I started reading more as a teen but always enjoyed books. In the olden days, when TV’s were black and white and the only channels were CBS, ABC, NBC and PBS, and before such things as video games, many of us kids would gather at each other’s home for what was commonly referred to as story time. Neighborhood moms would take turns reading to the kids. Here is where I fell in love with stories. Some of my favorites were:

Mark Twain’s, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer



The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien



and The Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Wilder.


What are some of your favorite books this year or last?

This year, some of the books that made my favorites list include:

American Gods by Neal Gaiman


The Stand by Stephen King



Everything’s Eventual  by Stephen King



Hinds’ Feet on High Places by Hurnard Hannah



In the Shadow of the Hanging Tree by Michael A. McLellan



What are your favorite book genres?

I love most fiction, specifically, Fantasy Adventure, Post-Apocalyptic, Thriller, and select Mystery. That is not to say I don’t also love some true stories if written in a well entertaining way. Such books would include An Innocent Man, by John Grisham, and Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer.


Who are some of your favorite authors?

Stephen King, of course, Thomas Harris, John Grisham, Neal Gaiman, and recently, Michael A. McLellan made my list.


How many books are on your TBR shelf?

Currently 87 but changes all the time.


What’s an emotional book, or one you won’t forget that you’ve read this year or last?

I was moved by Michael McLellan’s In the Shadow of the Hanging Tree ~ Powerful story


Is there a book you really didn’t enjoy this year or last?

I suppose I am one of those people who choose to put a book aside at the point I don’t enjoy it. I have a few I did not finish and perhaps they would have redeemed themselves if I completed them. However, I actually enjoyed the books I read in the past two years.

What are you reading now?

Beneath a Scarlet Sky, by Mark Sullivan



and The Pull and Kick Murder, by David Dowdy.


They say to never judge a book by its cover, but just how important is the book cover to you?

There is a reason they say that. The reason is most of us do consider the cover when choosing the books we read. And it is for that reason I believe the cover is very important. Once in a while, applying such a philosophy may result in the cover being the only part of the book that is good. However, at least you found something you liked about the book. 

Do you have a blog? If so, what is the name? If not, have you ever thought about starting one?

Yes, I have a blog on my website,

Have you written anything? If not, have you ever thought about writing your own book?

I have written two novels in The Bloodline Chronicles Trilogy,

The Sword of Goliath


and The Wizard of Nod


I am currently working on the third and final installment titled,

Acts of the Shaddai, The Final Testament. 


Which do you enjoy more, eBooks or physical books? How about audio books?

I would have to say I prefer physical books. I love the feel and smell of the ink and pages in a physical book. I do have a kindle and will use it for convenience. I also enjoy audiobooks when I am driven on a long trip.

Where do the majority of your books come from? (Library, bookstore)

The majority come from Amazon.


Anthony is a great friend and an amazing author! He’s always reading something I’m interested in.

Does Anthony sound like someone you’d like to be friends with? You can find him on Goodreads by clicking HERE.

I’d like to thank Anthony Jones for participating in the Meet The Reader Series! If you’d like to see everyone who’s participated in the Meet The Reader Series, you can click on “Meet the Reader Series” in the category section…


As always, thanks for reading! Are you a reader that would like to be interviewed? Please let me know!

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        1. I think it’s an addiction. I have a trigger finger on Netgalley too. It’s ridiculous! My TBR just surpassed 10,000. It’s impossible for me to read all of them. 💖 I keep thinking I should just delete them all and start over, but I can’t do it, lol. 😉


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