Top Ten Favorite Tom Petty Songs

As most of you already know, Tom Petty passed away yesterday unexpectedly at the age of 66. Like many, I’ve been listening to Tom Petty since I was a child and he’s been a favorite music artist throughout my life. I can remember countless times as a child riding in the car listening to Tom Petty on the radio and as I grew older and started going out with friends on the weekend, you always heard Tom Petty tunes. He was pretty much a staple and some of my very first songs I learned on my acoustic guitar were Tom Petty tunes.

We lost so many talented and amazing artists this year. I thought I’d post my top ten favorite Tom Petty songs to celebrate his life in music. Maybe some of these are songs that you enjoy as well.

Some of these music videos are the greatest of all time and every one of them is worth watching. It was hard to pick just ten, but these are some of my favorite jams.


Don’t Come Around Here No More


Into The Great Wide Open – Featuring Johnny Depp


The Traveling Wilburys – Handle Me With Care


You Got Lucky


You Don’t Know How It Feels


I Won’t Back Down


Learning To Fly


Free Fallin’


Running Down A Dream

Mary Jane’s Last Dance



Thanks for checking out my top ten favorites. What are some of your favorite Tom Petty songs?



26 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Tom Petty Songs

  1. crafty scribbles1976

    You Don’t Know How It Feels, Running Down a Dream, and Last Day with Mary Jane are mine. I got into him in the late 80s, having no idea he came out in the 70s, and liked his music ever since.

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  2. I feel you! It was a very sad day indeed 😦 Bowie hit me the hardest recently, because I was a life long fan of his work but Tom Petty’s music has always bern there as well.

    Into the great wide open, learning to fly, Wildflowers, mary jane’s last dance, free fallin.. probably my favourites but I love listening to all of his other songs as well!

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  3. Great post, Jenn 🙂 I wasn’t a huge fan, but his music was always a part of my life in one way or another. My hubby is a huge fan and has really taken the news badly. The loss of any great talent, which there is no denying Petty was is a shattering loss to the world. 😦 Thanks for sharing your favorites…Free Fallin’ will always be the song I think of when I think of him ❤

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