Flower Friday: October 27th – Calibrachoa

I learned about Flower Friday from Lorilin@Bugbugbooks last month and have been having a lot of fun sharing some flower pics every Friday.


This week’s flower is the Calibrachoa. This is a picture of one of my hanging baskets from this summer. Our Mourning Doves love to lay their eggs and raise their young in these hanging baskets.


Thanks for checking out Flower Friday!


19 thoughts on “Flower Friday: October 27th – Calibrachoa

    1. They are in the petunia family I believe, but you don’t have to deadhead them. Super easy to grow from seed too! The best part is when the babies are born and you can get close up photos. I’ll share some soon! 💖 Hope all is well with you, friend! 😉


        1. I know! It went so fast and it was snowing yesterday. We don’t grow in the winter because we are a zone 4 and the greenhouse isn’t heated at this point. I’d love to one day though! 💙🎃

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  1. starjustin

    Beautiful ‘Mother Nature’! So sweet to think those little eggs will be little birdies soon. I wonder if there’s a special relationship between the doves and this particular flower. Amazing! 🍁

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