Puppy Update – Time for new homes…

It’s hard to believe that it’s been eight weeks since my family was blessed with three tiny border collie puppies. It’s been an interesting journey for us and we’ve learned so much. We decided right away that we would keep one of these puppies and let the other two go to homes. The kids understood this and we’ve enjoyed every minute with them, but when it came time to let the other two go, it was very hard. You really can’t help falling in love with puppies that you’re with from the time they’re born. I knew it would be hard for them because we have bonded with all three of them, but we decided that we would stick to the original plan to keep Bowie and let Fig and Lotus go to a new home.

Fig (Red Collar) – Bowie (Blue) – Lotus (Purple)

A few weeks ago, I took all three in for their vet checkup where they were examined, received vaccinations, wormer, and their flea and tick treatment. Their weights were perfect and there was only one problem–Lotus was found to have an inguinal hernia. At first, I was shocked. I’m not a professional breeder and this is the first litter we’ve ever experienced. I didn’t even think about the fact that there could be some things that might go wrong. The vet assured us that it really isn’t that big of a deal, but that she might require surgery later on in life, or she could also outgrow it. When I got home I started doing tons of research. I called all the vets in my area to find out how much the surgery would cost and what age she could have it. I knew there would be no way we could sell her with the chance that she might require surgery in the future. The responsible thing to do is to have it fixed beforehand, but the problem is that three out of four vets that I called recommended waiting until six months. Only one vet said they would do the surgery and she couldn’t even tell me on the phone the last time they did one of these types of surgeries. That just wasn’t going to work. With us just losing Toby last month, I’m not willing to risk the surgery when we don’t even know for sure that it will remain. There’s a good chance it will heal with time.



I decided that we would do one of two things–we would either keep her or rehome her to someone we know very well. I want to be sure that she will receive the care that she needs and I’m very leery about listing animals for free. In the past, we had a litter of kittens we raised and needed to find homes for them. When they were old enough, I listed them on Craigslist for free. Within an hour of listing them, I received two or three emails from different people telling me to remove the listing because I was putting the kittens at risk. As I read on, the person explained that there are people who look for animals on ads for free because they can take them to animal testing centers and make money off them. ?? I was shocked and never even heard of this! As I continued reading, I was warned of another risk of someone coming to get free animals to take home and torture. That really shocked me even more. It was also explained that these people often bring children with them to make it look like they are giving them a good home to trick you into giving them your animals. Seriously? I immediately removed the kittens and I’ve never listed animals for free on Craigslist ever again. Are these things true? Are there really people out there that do these things? I’m not willing to take that risk. I don’t think any level of interviewing can really make it safe and I’ve never forgotten the experience. I realize that there isn’t much control in how the animal will be cared for once it’s out of your hands, but I guess it makes sense that offering an animal for free might put it at more of a risk.

Lotus – She loves leaves

Lotus went to her new home and it’s right down the road from our house. We know the family very well and my oldest child works on the farm there. It couldn’t have worked out more perfect because my kids hang out there with the horses often. They can see her whenever they want to. I was really hoping to just keep Lotus with us, but I feel like she’s better off where she is. They showed so much interest in her and we knew this would be her forever home. There are other border collies there, another puppy she plays with, and she can herd the horses and experience many other farm activities. She’s just like Cynder and we knew right away that she was going to be a busybody and that she’d need work with mental stimulation to stay happy.


Lotus – She can get away with anything!



Last week we listed Fig on a reputable site and sold him to a family that lives about an hour away from our home. The nice thing is that we hit it off with the man right away and it turned out to be a positive experience.

They all love cats, but Fig especially. 


We’ve been keeping in touch via text and he’s willing to send us pictures every once in a while so that we can see him as he grows.  I miss him so much and think about him a lot. I’m glad that this worked out for Fig though. It was incredibly hard for us and I was up half the night thinking about him the first night. Keeping in touch with them is helping a lot, especially with the kids.

20171026_121534 (2).jpg
Fig the day before he went to his new home.


I still remember when we were searching for a border collie and in the process, I would find all of these rescues and breeders who would request your address and would want to come check out your house–they would even ask for references. I used to think it was crazy until these guys came along. I feel very protective of them and this was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.





So now, we just have Bowie. We have decided to keep her for sure. I’ve questioned myself because they are a lot of work, but we’re really excited and it’s nice to have a pup from Cynder and Winston. She started jumping out of her pen so we began crate training and it’s amazing how well she’s doing. She’s already showing strong signs of intelligence. She’s learned her name plus sits and downs. It appears that she’ll be more laid back like Winston.

Here’s something interesting though. We named her Bowie when she was born before her eyes were opened and it turned out that she has two different colored eyes which reminds me of David Bowie!


David Bowie had anisocoria which made his eyes appear different due to the pupil size. Our Bowie also has a right blue eye and a brownish left eye which looks similar to David Bowie’s. Isn’t that cool?


Originally I was worried that having another dog might be too hard, especially since it’s a puppy, but overall, this has been a good experience for us. Having another dog may be more work, more hair to clean up, more food, but most importantly…

More Love!


Cynder and Winston are back to normal and Winston is really happy to have his best friend back.


I hope to post more about Bowie as time moves on. Thanks for checking out our puppy update!


42 thoughts on “Puppy Update – Time for new homes…

  1. The puppies are absolutely adorable although they make me a little sad for our border collie that crossed the rainbow bridge years ago. I will say too that it wouldn’t surprise me at all if people used Craigslist that way. I’ve only heard stories on the robberies that happen over items on there but with all the bad in the world I can imagine there are those that would do that to poor animals too. 😦

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    1. Aww, thanks, Carrie. I’m so sorry to hear about your border collie. 😦 I personally can’t believe that there are people out there that would hurt animals, but I’ve heard it from more than one person. It’s just messed up. ❤

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      1. Thank you, we got Lucy at a shelter as a pup and she lived fifteen years so definitely still miss her, such a wonderful breed of dog. I do believe that though and I’d definitely watch out if I needed to re-home animals, I’ve seen posts on facebook of some horrible things from some animal groups looking to raise money to help nurse poor furbabies so I can imagine a site like Craigslist being used for bad yet again. 😦

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  2. Nel

    Awwww puppy updates! The people who told you to not offer your pets for free on Craigslist were correct. There should always be a rehoming fee of some sort cause humans are devious unfortunately. Same goes for when a person is looking for a reputable breeder. All kinds of questions should be asked like being able to see the mom and dad and where they live and all the paper proof of vaccinations, etc because you want to be sure it’s not a puppy mill situation.
    Anyway, I’m glad Cynder and Winston are back to normal and happy and congrats on your new additions as well as rehoming Lotus and Fig to good homes! 🙂

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    1. That’s so messed up! I had never heard of it before and it still shocks me. We purchased a puppy in 2001 from a pet store and she had all kinds of problems. At that time, I didn’t even know about puppy mills. When the puppy started having all kinds of problems, my friend told us that she probably came from a puppy mill. I was like, huh? Out of sight, out of mind, I just had no clue and we paid so much for her, like $900, and her whole life she had problems. We loved her, but still, it isn’t right. What the heck is wrong with people?

      I’m really glad this worked out with our puppies, but I don’t think we’ll be having any more. It was so hard. I’m glad that we had the experience though. Thanks, Nel!

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      1. Nel

        Yeah I knew a lady like your friend. She tried to go back to the breeders about the problems cause some of them occurred like a month or two after they got the dog and the breeders wanted nothing to do with her after the sale. It’s disgusting.

        I’m glad it worked out as well! I wouldn’t have been able to give any of them up!

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        1. That’s so wrong. What’s bad is that many people don’t know about mills. Who would ever think that getting an animal from a pet store could be such a problem? It’s so expensive too. 😞 Thanks for sharing your thoughts and facts, Nel. 💕🖤


  3. Those faces – so adorable! It breaks my heart to think there are people out there who would abuse animals. I had to be so hard letting Fig and Lotus go, but at least you know they have forever homes and can keep up with them as they grow.

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  4. Wonderful post, Mischenko! I could tell how sweet you are from your words. You always put your pets first and care so much about them… I am deeply touched how genuine and kind you are, which makes you even more near and dear to my heart ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Jay. I bet Ryder would have so much fun with a puppy and I do wish we lived closer! It’s taking Winston forever to get used to Bowie, but with time it should work out okay. ❤ Hope you are all doing well. 🙂

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    1. We wanted to keep all three! They are all so different and we loved each one. We just couldn’t keep five dogs and knew it wouldn’t be fair to them because they need so much work and attention. Thanks so much! ❤

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  5. starjustin

    Awesome post! I think I will miss Lotus most of all. She reminds me so much of Cynder. But I’m happy we’ll be able to see her grow up. It’s good that Fig is in ‘good’ hands too.🐾

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  6. Awweee….so cute. Yes, I may have clicked on this one just to see all the puppy pictures, but I’m glad that the puppy adoptions went well and that Fig and Lotus are in good homes. I’m especially glad that Fig’s owner said he would send photo updates. That is great!

    A couple months ago, my brother found a kitten hiding under the hood of his truck and he brought it inside and started taking care of it, even going so far as to name the cat Taco. (His reasoning for that name was that Tacocat spelled backwards is Tacocat). But after a week he decided that it would be better to find a home for Taco where he would get more care and attention. The family that adopted Taco still sends my brother photo updates and they actually kept the name Taco.

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    1. How cute! I love the name Taco. I used to have a cat named Sancho that we found in an abandoned junkyard. I’m so glad the family still sends photos. That’s the best. ❤ Thanks for sharing!


  7. Thanks for sharing your puppy stories with us. I absolutely love dogs and it is so nice to hear about your puppies and their wonderful forever homes. My jack russell is almost 16 and we thought we were going to lose him last week, but with medication and an upcoming surgery, we hope he will be around for a couple more years.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, Carla, I’m so happy he’s doing okay. You’ll have to let me know how his surgery goes! Will have you all in my thoughts.

      Thanks for checking out the post. We are happy everything worked out with their new homes too. ❤


  8. Blog Andrew

    Fig is so like my mum’s collie ‘Lucy’ who’s alas now passed away and ‘Belle’ another is a Border I still miss everyday of my life, her intelligence was astounding. A lovely post I enjoyed reading, if I didn’t work all day I’d go and buy a collie tomorrow (big sigh!!!)

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