Wednesday’s Breakfast and a Book – Dr. G’s Favorite Green Smoothie – Think Forward to Thrive

Hello all! I hope everyone is having a good week. I’m doing pretty good but fighting a bad infection and took this as an opportunity to share a favorite healing smoothie with you that helps people who are taking antibiotics or those that just need to heal.


I found this smoothie from a doctor who actually battled autoimmune disease herself at one point. She was able to heal herself and became healthy again. This is one of her favorite smoothies, but I change it up just a bit and add in some probiotics for added health. I chose to have this one this morning because I’m currently taking antibiotics and want to help replenish my good bacteria. Even if you aren’t taking antibiotics, many people are deficient when it comes to good bacteria. Eating yogurt and fermented foods can help.

Here’s what I used…


2 frozen bananas

1 cup other frozen fruits

3/4 cup – 1 cup kefir

1 huge container of spinach or kale or close to a pound

1 handful of flax seeds

Water to add

Here’s what I did…

Add everything to the blender starting with the frozen banana, kefir, greens, more frozen fruit and then the flax seed. Add water to just below the greens. Blend on low and then up to high for about a minute until everything is smooth.





Sprinkle with chia seeds if preferred.


This is one of my favorite smoothies for healing, although it’s not one that I love to drink. It’s not super sweet and sweet is what I prefer, but this is great for health and not everything that’s healthy is going to taste awesome all the time. I’m not a ‘greens’ lover, but spinach is mild and I can handle it because it doesn’t have a huge grassy flavor.

Think Health! 🙂

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. G, you can find her on YouTube. Here’s her video where she makes this green smoothie.

This Week’s Book

I’m finishing up Watching Glass Shatter today and I’m also currently reading this really awesome book titled Think Forward to Thrive. 

Think Forward to Thrive: How to Use the Mind’s Power of Anticipation to Transcend Your Past and Transform Your Life


 Blurb: Anticipating a positive future is the key to well-being and mental health. Yet when many people think of the future they experience anxiety, depression, fear, self-doubt, and feelings of being overwhelmed. Most people, unaware of how to change the future, are trapped in a cycle of recreating their past over and over again. However, your past does not have to define who you are or where you are going. You can break free, but only if you know how and have the necessary skills to do something different. Future Directed Therapy (FDT) is a new psychological intervention developed to teach people to create their future with awareness and choice. Unlike other books about creating a better future, the skills in Think Forward to Thrive, are based on cutting edge cognitive science. Think Forward to Thrive will teach you step-by-step the psychological skills that can transform your life. Think Forward to Thrive is filled with information and exercises that will help you: Overcome negative emotions Identify what you want in life Transform limiting beliefs Take action Live ready for success Stop talking about your past and start creating your future!

* So far, I’m really enjoying this book and I’ve already learned a lot about how what we think can transform our lives and future. The book teaches you to stop thinking about negative experiences and relationships from the past and to think ahead to a positive future.
  I really think anyone can benefit from reading this book, but I think it will probably benefit those who have experienced many negative relationships and bad experiences in the past that might still be affecting them today. Rather than thinking about what you don’t want for your future, think about what you do want and think positively that it will happen.  *

“Past experiences do not define who you are, unless you allow them to.”


“Thoughts keep flowing through your mind all day long. Make the effort to have them flow in the direction that brings you the most benefit.”


Thanks for checking out today’s Breakfast and a Book! Do you have a favorite green smoothie you’d like to share? Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions below.

22 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Breakfast and a Book – Dr. G’s Favorite Green Smoothie – Think Forward to Thrive

  1. starjustin

    I really like the quotes. I think I’ll add this one. I believe that thinking positively is a good thing for all. I know things can not be totally positive all the time, but we can try. Thanks for the inspirational post Jen! 🙂❤️👍🏻🦋

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nel

    I tried a green smoothie once. You’re right. Healthy things are not supposed to taste good. Looks good though I wouldn’t drink it solely cause of the bananas of course. 😉
    That book seems quite informative and inspiring. Thanks for sharing with us Mischenko 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Nel

        Hahaha oh geez. You don’t have to make special exceptions for me! I’ll still enjoy your series very much! I do like mangos though so thanks for the substitute suggestion!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m always looking forward to your recipes 🙂 This one sounds super healthy! And I love kefir..But haven’t had it in so long! I actually do have almost everything at home to make it, especially Kale, it’s growing very well at the moment. Maybe I try it out later! With buttermilk instead of kefir 😀

    Do you like avocado? I love putting it in smoothies!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so jealous that you have kale growing right now! We don’t have anything growing at the moment. This recipe isn’t a favorite for taste, but it’s so healthy. Dr. G just adds water! I like to use almond milk as well.

      Yes, I love avocado. I hope to share an avocado smoothie next week! You’ll have to let me know if you try this one. Thanks so much. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. lol Why can’t the Healthy stuff just be the tasty stuff, dang it?? 😛 If carbs and candy were healthy the world would be a much better (and happier) place!
    I hope you get better soon and kick that infection’s butt! Take care. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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