12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge: Day 3 – Tree Topper – Angel or Star?

I came across this wonderful 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge over at Abbey’s blog threecatsandagirl.  It was originally introduced by abbeycoseattle when she presented it earlier this month. As soon as I saw this, I knew that it would be so much fun. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to share some Christmas cheer on my blog. I’d like to say thanks to both of these wonderful ladies!



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12 Days of Christmas

For my third day I’m going with #8. Angel or star tree topper?

Growing up, my grandmother always put a star on our Christmas trees. She used the same one here in this picture below.


I love that the star on top of the tree symbolizes the star of Bethlehem from the Nativity and we’ve always stuck with it. I do adore angels on trees whenever I see them and we might try doing that for a change one Christmas.

Every year since 2006 I’ve had LED lights on my tree. We are huge energy conservationists, but last year, our LED star took a dump and lost half its color. So, this year, I ended up purchasing a basic incandescent lighted star. Here it is below.


I have to admit that I’ll never lose my admiration for traditional Christmas lighting. It has the most beautiful glow. This year, I cheated and added in some clear traditional along with red LED lights and LED color changing globes.

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