12 Days of Christmas Blogging Challenge – Your Christmas Dinner Menu & Decorations – Silver and Gold or Red and Green?

I came across this wonderful 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge over at Abbey’s blog threecatsandagirl.  It was originally introduced by abbeycoseattle when she presented it earlier this month. As soon as I saw this, I knew that it would be so much fun. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to share some Christmas cheer on my blog. I’d like to say thanks to both of these wonderful ladies!



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12 Days of Christmas

Christmas is upon us and I still have 3 days to post on the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge. For days 10 & 11, I’m going to talk about #10 Decorations – silver and gold, or red and green, and also #11 Your Christmas Dinner Menu.


#10 – Decorations – silver & gold, or red & green?

I started thinking about this question a few days ago. I realized that our Christmas decorations are pretty much every color under the sun, and yesterday, I shared some of our decorations. I’ve included a link for you here.

I don’t feel like we’ve never gone with a color theme, but we do have more red and green decorations than silver and gold. I truly love decorating with traditional Christmas colors like blue, red, green, gold, and even purple. Gold hasn’t been a favorite, but when I see decorations like these in the following pictures, I want to switch it all up and go with silver and gold forever. These are stunning to me…





I’d love to have a tree like this one below next year. What do you think? I love the way they incorporated the blue ornaments.



What do you think? Silver and gold,  or red and green?

All this talk about silver and gold reminds me of the song by Burl Ives titled “Silver and Gold” which is from the Rudolph Christmas special.


#11 Your Christmas Dinner Menu


I tend to stick with basics during holidays. On Thanksgiving we have Turkey and on Christmas we have ham. For Thanksgiving, it’s pumpkin pie and for Christmas, it’s cherry cheesecake. Here’s what I’m making this year…


  • Fresh homemade salsa and chips
  • Spicy queso dip
  • Deviled eggs


  • Ham
  • Mashed potatoes and gravy
  • Roasted beets and carrots
  • Kibbie – Syrian dish
  • Candied sweet potatoes? I might request my mom to make these. 😁


  • Cherry cheesecake
  • Baklava

So, what are you cooking this Christmas? Do you prefer red and green decorations or silver and gold?


34 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Blogging Challenge – Your Christmas Dinner Menu & Decorations – Silver and Gold or Red and Green?

  1. Pretty trees! I love all kinds of decoration colors, but I also love themed trees. My dream is to one day have a literature themed Christmas tree, with book-themed ornaments and whatnot. My boyfriend’s tree is a black tree with all silver, frosted white, and glass ornaments. It’s really pretty when it’s all lit up. 🙂
    Yum, deviled eggs are always one of my favorite holiday appetizers. I hated them as a kid/teenager, but now I love them. The homemade salsa/chips and spicy queso all sound so good, too!

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  2. As you know, my tree is all cats and dogs……but if I were to color code, it would be silver and gold. I just think it’s majestic against the green tree. Christmas dinner will be shrimp cocktail and crudity with curry dip (had at party last week. Yum. Salad. Cucumbers, dill and yogurt. Roast pork. Roasted potatoes. Applesauce. Sauerkraut. Some other green veggie that will be steamed cause I’m out of oven room. Chocolate cream pie and blueberry crumb pie. Your menu sounds amazing!! Merry Christmas!

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    1. Umm, I’m coming to your house for dinner! Yum! ❤ I do love the silver and gold, but wonder if I would tire of it over time. The traditional christmas colors are so pretty too. I might try one of these themes next year.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  3. Your Christmas menu sounds divine! Yum. We are actually going out for an Italian feast on Christmas Day, to which I am looking forward very much as it will be nice to be waited on for a holiday, for a change. But New Year’s Day is a big thing for me, and I will have lots of good food. I’ll probably do a food-only post for that one, and maybe for Christmas Eve, too, since that’s a big food night here in New Mexico. We do posole, which is a hominy-based stew with chunks of pork, and seasoned with red chile, garlic, lime, and onion. Sooooo good. We also do red chile pork tamales, empanadas (little pies filled with meat or fruit), and biscochitos, which are anise and cinnamon cookies and very traditional for Christmas. Have a blessed holiday with your family and dogs!

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    1. Vanessa, that sounds delicious! I’d love to see your pics and will definitely watch out for a post on that. 😁 Merry Christmas! It would be so wonderful to be waited on for a holiday and I hope you enjoy every minute. May the food be divine!

      We are having a white Christmas like I wished. It’s amazing! Chat soon. ❤🎄🎅

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  4. Beautiful photos! I like all the colors! Your menu sounds great! I have to still tweak mine a bit…not in the mood for cooking as it is. but I need to get in the mood by tomorrow night for sure! LOL At least I only have company on Christmas Day so I can relax tomorrow. Enjoy your celebrations!

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    1. Thank you, Janie! I hope you’re able to get into cooking. I wasn’t really feeling up to it tonight, but once I got started, I was able to get appetizers and cheesecake done. I’m already tired. 😆😂

      Enjoy your holiday with your family, Janie! Looking forward to 2018.


  5. David R. Dowdy

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think the silver and gold trees look plain as if the colors were bleached out. I can just hear their owners secretly wishing they had a tree of many colors!

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    1. Yeah, I can see that too. I wonder if I would tire of it. I did have a white tree one year and it was beautiful! Maybe I’ll try one of these themes eventually.

      Merry Christmas, David! Happy New Year as well. Hope to chat soon. ❤🎄🎅


  6. Noriko

    I love silver and gold Christmas Trees but the tree has to be green lol The contrast against green looks fantastic, I think! Whoo, I would fly to you for Christmas if I could!!!

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    1. I agree, I love green trees. Something about the white ones attracts me too though. 🎄😉

      Noriko, that would be so awesome! My crazy house might drive you nuts though with all the kids running around, hahaha! ❤🎁😂

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  7. Nel

    Oh I love Kibbie! I’ve had it before at my favorite Mediterranean restaurant. Also, all that color coordination would drive me crazy, lol. The silver looks really good though I have to admit

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    1. Yay! It’s so rare for me to find people who like Kibbie! I wish I could mail you some. 🤔😉

      I keep getting stuck looking at that first tree. I really want to try one of these. It might be nice for a change up one year, haha. ❤ Merry Christmas, Nel! 😁


  8. I LOVE the silver and gold with snow look too! I try and talk my husband into letting me do something like these every year, and he veto’s it! He hates silver and gold (what a jerk, right?) Oh well though, my kids are at the ages that it’s so fun for them to have REAL trees and then decorate it themselves, so I guess I’ll hold off on my dream tree till I’m elderly and careless to my husbands dislikes LOL


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