Flower Friday: Nigra Hollyhock – January 5th

I learned about Flower Friday last year from Lorilin@Bugbugbooks and have been having a blast sharing some flower pics. Please check out Lorilin’s blog if you haven’t already for book reviews and more!


A few years ago I obtained some Nigra Hollyhock seed online. I’d always wanted these majestic flowers in my garden, but never knew much about them. I was astonished with how easy they are to grow! I must have planted a dozen different colors, but my absolute favorite are Nigra. Here’s a picture of one below that I planted in front of my vegetable garden.

1818656 (1).jpg

The sun is shining so brightly that it makes the flower look like a darker plum, but they are black. Seeing this picture gets me excited for spring! The nice thing about hollyhocks is that you get a ton of seeds from one plant! Check out this stash hanging out in my fridge just raring to grow this spring.


The only downside to these is that they’re biennials. In their first year, they put down roots and leaves. In their second year, they bloom, then they die. I usually start the seed in late February and get blooms the first year for a growing zone of 4-5, but you have to start early if you want blooms the first year. Some will come back and bloom in the second year, but it’s hit and miss. These are so simple to grow though, and you can have blooms every year if you save the seed. ❤

Scientific Name: Alcea or Alcea Rosa
Mature Plant Size: 60-72″ tall (5-6 feet), 12-24″ wide

Zones: 3 – 8

Size: Plant – 3″ pot

Light Requirements: Full Sun

 Thanks for checking out Flower Friday! What are your favorite flowers? Do you like Hollyhocks? You can share your comments below.

Have a great weekend!

27 thoughts on “Flower Friday: Nigra Hollyhock – January 5th

    1. I know! I’m actually not a very patient gardener either, which is why I start them in Feb. to get blooms the first year, lol. 🙂 BTW, the fence posts are in the photo, but out of focus. I’ll send you one to your email when I get out there. It’s so cold! ❤ Have a great weekend. 😀

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  1. Nel

    Wow! Those are beautiful! Stunning color for a flower. My favorite flower is gerbera daisy. I love all the colors and the scent and I just want a whole garden full of them one day!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Aren’t they? I fell in love with them the first time I saw them and can’t believe how easy they are to grow. I will send you some seed if you want to plant some. 😉 Daisies are beautiful and I need to try some! It’s the one flower I haven’t tried to grow yet. Maybe this year! You should grow some too. 🙂 This is making me look forward to the growing season ahead. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nel

        Haha I’m terrible at growing things but I will try! Hopefully we can afford to get our trees cut down so I can start a real flower garden and possible vegetable garden in the back!

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    1. You’re so sweet! 😉 We’ve had bad years too. Last year was horrible for pumpkins, but I’m looking up for 2018! There are so many knitting tutorials on YouTube if you want to learn how to knit and crochet. It’s so easy, I promise. I’ve never done a sweater or anything that complicated yet. Maybe one day!

      If you want to try these, I’ll send you some. They’re so simple to germinate and care for. ❤ Zinnias and sunflowers are so easy too. Fun for the kids as well. 😀 Thanks!

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  2. starjustin

    I’ve never heard of a flower that dies the second year?? You have to plant seeds every year to keep them coming? Do they actually die off the second year. The blooms are so beautiful! And yes, I am thinking spring also, even though we have been sub-zero temps and lots of snow. 🙂

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    1. Yes! Biennials only have a two year life cycle and then they die. It’s a downside, but they give tons of seed so blooms are possible every year. It’s weird, but cool. 😊 Totally worth it!


    1. I don’t stake them, but a few fall over. Not many do, unless there’s a storm, then they’re doomed like sunflowers if that happens. They’re really fun to grow from seed and honestly they grow so fast. Great for kids too! 💖 Thanks for sharing Carla. 😊


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