Flower Friday: Surprise! January 19th

I learned about Flower Friday last year from Lorilin@Bugbugbooks and have been having a blast sharing some flower pics. Please check out Lorilin’s blog if you haven’t already for book reviews and more!

flower friday.png

It was such a surprise last week when our Christmas cactus decided to bloom. So, I decided  to share some pictures of it for Flower Friday today!


My mom had this huge Christmas cactus at one point in time, but she had to find a home for it because she was moving and this plant was so huge! She saved a piece and we cloned it.


As that one started to grow, my dogs were rough-housing one day and there went the cactus all over the floor in shambles. So again, we took a piece and cloned it. My mom worked on nursing it back to health and here it is today.


There are multiple buds on it that will grow into the double bloom-like flowers you see above. It’s a small one now, but in time it will grow to be huge like its parent plant.


Scientific name: Schlumbergera
Higher classification: Rhipsalideae
Rank: Genus
Did you know: Unlike poinsettia, the other Christmas favorite, a Christmas cactus is not toxic to dogs and cats.


Thanks for checking out Flower Friday! What are some of your favorite house plants? Feel free to share below. Have a great weekend!


33 thoughts on “Flower Friday: Surprise! January 19th

  1. This is such a beautiful image. Maybe it’s just my poetic heart but I was moved by this post. The strength of the cactus to thrive and the steady nurturing of your mothers hands for the cactus made my heart smile. 🙂 great post

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  2. How wonderful to save and have a generation from your mother’s plant!! My Christmas cactus bloomed during Christmas and I was super excited. It is now resting.

    I have two very sad oh so sad looking poinsettias that I’m afraid I will have to tell goodbye. I have nurtured, pampered, coddled and cared for them the best I know how but it’s looking hopeless. Also, I have a beautiful orchid that is trying it’s best to hold on but it’s outcome is looking bleak :(. I love – LOVE -love flowers! but am not having much luck with tropical’s.

    I love this post and the Friday Flower theme. Definitely gonna check it out!

    Have a great weekend.

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    1. Thank you, Robin! That’s the only bad thing about Poinsettias, they just don’t last long enough. I read this really long article about how you can rest them and get them to bloom the following year, but it seems too tedious for me, haha 🙂 Orchids are so beautiful! I want to try growing one, but the last one I had didn’t make it. I hope yours makes it! They are one of my favorite flowers.

      Thanks for checking out today’s post. You should definitely jump on board with this! >3 Have a great weekend!

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  3. Lorilin

    So beautiful! 🙌🏼 Good job on saving the plant. My kids knock over my plants (usually when they’re sprinting around the house), and it drives me nuts! I’ve been able to save most, but two were so traumatized they didn’t make it. So I’m impressed by your skills! 😄

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    1. Thank you, Lorilin. Same here! The kids run by and then the dogs run by and all the plants come tumbling down, lol. I’ve lost a few too. Luckily, most are out of harms way now. 🙂 These are so super easy to root in water, it’s crazy. Have a great weekend! ❤

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  4. Beautiful. This year I saw in a local supermarket a lot of these but they seemed to have been forced somehow to have countless tiny fragile-looking buds all along their edges, not like the normal plants I have seen for decades. I am unsure what they did to them, but this one looks nice and not crazy like they did!

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  5. What beautiful blooms!! Flowers make me long for Spring. I wish they grew more in wintertime.
    I don’t have any real houseplants. I own a few orchids that were given to me, and an aloe vera plant that’s growing out of control, but that’s it I’m sad to say. The aloe vera is very good for healing many things though. I’ve used it on different things and it soothed and healed me right up. ( :

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    1. I love aloe plants! I had a few small ones, but tried to put them outside for the summer and they didn’t do so well. They are so very healing and you can put the aloe right into your juice. Amazing. I do hope to get one in the future again. Thanks so much for sharing! ❤

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  6. starjustin

    What lovely comments on this post! The cactus blooms are such a beautiful color. The plant is small right now, but will be grand someday like the Mother plant was. Awesome post! Made my day! 😊

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