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I was tagged by Priyasha @ Books and Co. for the Reader Confession Tag. I’m sure most of you have already checked out Priyasha’s amazing blog, but if you haven’t, be sure to!

I haven’t done a tag in a very long time, so I’m looking forward to this one. Thank you, Priyasha, for tagging me and sorry it took so long!



I don’t see any rules. Yes!


Have you ever damaged a book?

I haven’t personally damaged a book, but my kids and dogs have. I’ve had to pay for a few library books to be replaced as well.

How long does it take you to read a book?

That really depends on the time of year! In the winter I can read like crazy and sometimes up to a book a day, but now that spring is rolling in and I have much to do outside, I’m hardly even reading at a normal rate.

giphy (2).gif

Books that you haven’t finished?

So far only one, and that was a romance I have no idea why I even started. I just couldn’t get into it.

Beg Me: Sold to My Dad’s Boss

by Cassandra Dee


Hyped/ Popular books you didn’t like?

I’ve only read a few that were just okay or I barely liked. These four were pretty hyped up and were roughly 3-star reads for me.


Is there a book you wouldn’t tell anyone you were reading?

Not really.

How many books do you own?

Too many! I’m a book collector and book sales pull me in.

giphy (4).gif

Are you a fast reader or a slow reader?

I’d have to say both. I can read a book from front to back in one sitting, but it really depends on the book. Some books take me weeks to finish. Plus, if it’s a book that isn’t really captivating me, I tend to put it down a lot and it takes me much longer.

cat speed reader.gif

Do you like to buddy read?

I have done a few buddy reads and I do enjoy them! I hope to do more this year.

Do you read better in your head or out loud?

It depends. If a book is really making me think, I tend to want to read it out loud. If my kids are making tons of noise and I can’t read in a quiet environment, I like to read out loud.

giphy (5).gif

If you were only allowed to own one book, what would it be and why?

If I were only allowed one book, I have to say it’s going to need to be one that I get a lot of use from. It would have to be my Bible or a super large dictionary like Webster’s International Dictionary. I think the 1930’s edition is over 5 inches thick with thousands of pages and a gazillion words.


I Tag:

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Ignited Moth



Darque Dreamer

Thanks for checking out The Reader Confession Tag! Have you ever damaged a book? What book would you pick if you were only allowed to have one? Feel free to share! Have a great week. ❤

36 thoughts on “TAG: Reader Confession Tag

  1. N. N. Light's Book Heaven

    Loved this tag and your answers. The one book owned is such a hard one for me. I’m a total bookhoard and can’t just pick one. ACK! — MRS N

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nel

    Thanks for the tag! I used to work in a library and man, people could really beat some books up! I don’t think I’ll be able to choose the one book question. That’s pretty impossible but I’ll try, haha. I haven’t done a book tag in a while so this is great! Maybe I’ll do a catch up week or something 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve seen some pretty beat up library books myself. Lol 😉

      I can’t wait to see your answers for this! I need to catch up too. So many tags to do, but these are fun. I do hope you enjoy! 💜💖💜

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Trying to choose just one book to have is so hard!! I’d probably cheat and do some sort of compilation. I loved your answer of the Bible; and the only other one I could think of would be my collection of Jane Austen’s complete works.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! Just one book isn’t fair. 😉 I have to read some Jane Austen still and I’m hoping this year for sure.

      Thanks so much for checking out the tag. Feel free to do it! I’d love to read your answers.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t take my word for it! I know most people loved it. The person I did the buddy read with didn’t care for it either. I mean, I still enjoyed the nostalgia and gave it 3 stars. I can’t wait to hear what you think about it. Enjoy! 💖


  4. I loved your answers!! I thought The Wife Between Us was just okay too for all the hype it received.

    I’ve damaged a couple of books with spills, but thankfully both were my own. And if I had to choose one book, it’d have to be the Bible. I couldn’t live the rest of my life without it. ( :

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! The Wife Between Us really surprised me too. I was expecting an all out thriller, but it just didn’t meet that for me.

      Damaged books that we own are definitely easier to deal with. I always feel really bad when it’s someone else’s. 💜

      Thanks for checking out the tag! You should do this one! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  5. starjustin

    Lol. You should show the Dexter’s Lab gif to the kids and what you wrote there. They would really get a laugh out of it. I love the garden, Simpsons, and the black cat gifs too. Soooooo funny and cute! Fun post. 🙂

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