FREE Ebook! Look for Me Under the Rainbow: A Novella by Bernard Jan

Last week I shared my review for Bernard Jan’s book Look for Me Under the Rainbow and right now it’s free on Amazon!


Goodreads Blurb: Danny, a curious harp seal pup, has soft white fur and black innocent eyes. Helen is an environmentalist and member of a young activist crew of the Rainbow Warriors. Their mission is to save animals.

As winter turns into spring, a new generation of seal pups comes to life. A few weeks later, the killing begins. Against a spectacular backdrop of ice and snow, Helen prepares to look horrific human cruelty in the face.

I do not doubt I have a big heart and burning desire, but is that enough for a person to become a Rainbow Warrior, or is there something better? Something only some of us manage to turn into what we have long missedhumanity.

In the race against time and clubs, will Helen save Danny before the hunt begins and the ice turns red?

Though written for younger readers, Look for Me Under the Rainbow will appeal to anyone who cherishes our beautiful planet and wishes to protect its treasures.

Buy this book by Bernard Jan, the author of A World Without Color, and experience another emotional journey.

Get it on Amazon now until April 24, 2018, 11:59 PM PDT

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Thanks for checking it out!

12 thoughts on “FREE Ebook! Look for Me Under the Rainbow: A Novella by Bernard Jan

    1. Glad you grabbed a copy, Bonnie! The book really made me more angry than anything. It was emotional though and I ended up learning more about the situation after reading it by looking online. I can’t wait to hear what you think about it. ❤ Take care. 😀

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  1. starjustin

    I loved this book and the story it told! I think it’s great that it’s free right now and I hope everyone takes the opportunity to read this book. Thanks Jen! 🙂

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