Flower Friday: Lupine

I discovered Flower Friday last year while visiting Lorilin@Bugbugbooks and have been having a blast sharing some flower pictures and information. Please check out Lorilin’s blog if you haven’t already for book reviews and more!

Today’s Flower is:



This is a flower from the legume family that blooms tall spiky flowers that taper at the top. The spikes produce multiple sweat pea-like flowers.


 They remind me a lot of delphinium, but the flowers are quite different.


They’re so easy to grow and come back year after year. Mine are now in their 4th year. These are hardy to zone 4.


The leaves are very broad and attractive in my opinion. They’re definitely eye-catchers. The flowers come in many colors.


Fun facts:

  • Seeds from some species are used for food
  • Wild lupine aids butterfly larvae by providing shelter which helps maintain butterfly populations.
Scientific name: Lupinus
Higher classification: Papilionoideae

Thanks for checking out Flower Friday. What do you have blooming right now? Have a great weekend! ❤

23 thoughts on “Flower Friday: Lupine

    1. Lol yeah, that was a free image I found online. Liked the bee too. 😊 The seeds they produce look lile a sort of lentil depending on what species you have. Those are what people eat, although I read somewhere that ancient Egyptians might have eaten the flowers too. Interesting!

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  1. Bougainvillean

    Love your site, usually visit you online before your newsletter reaches me. Would live to hear your recommendations for Greek cookery books, old ones are good ones, and any other Middle Eastern ones. I would live you to share your special Baklava family recipe with us! All the best from Fiona in Cairo. ________________________________

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