Flower Friday: Pandora’s Box Daylily

I discovered Flower Friday last year while visiting Lorilin@Bugbugbooks and have been having a blast sharing some flower pictures and information. Please check out Lorilin’s blog if you haven’t already for book reviews and more!

Today’s Flower is:

Pandora’s Box Daylily

I love the colors of this daylily — creamy with a deep purple eyezone. The contrasting colors really catch your eye.


These are an easy to care for perennial too.


I took these pictures first thing this morning. It’s been extremely hot and dry, but they are still hanging in there even when getting beat down by the sun all day long.


These aren’t super tall. They’re fairly compact and get around 18-20 inches tall or so.

Common Name:

Daylily Pandora’s Box

Botanical Name:

Hemerocallis Pandoras Box


Zones 3-9

Thanks for checking out Flower Friday! What are some of your favorite flowers to grow? Feel free to share comments below.

❤ Mischenko

41 thoughts on “Flower Friday: Pandora’s Box Daylily

      1. At this point, it is raining so I haven’t seen many flowers. Also thanks to you, I too was wondering about them. My sister has roses on her box window. But Mumbai has become too much of a cemented city not much nature

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  1. Ahhhhh, favorite, M! So pretty!!!!! Major nerdy gardening post ahead. So after last flower Friday, my one pink lily came up (still have that pic to put up soon), and now I remember that my latest lilies were not asiatic, though I did plant asiatics a couple years ago, and they only did well the first year until something ate it right down to the root, even with me treating it. Last year I planted two kinds of lilies (I checked my receipts too to make sure 😂). I had one that was like yours in a variety of colors and it just says “day lily collection” but they were this shape with dark centers rather than my traditional day lilies (that are actually doing ok, but I probably need to fertilize them!). My other set of lilies are called “multi-pedaled Oriental” and that is what the one pink one is. I’m really happy with my one bloom. 😂 It was beautiful and smells great and lasted all week. But I’ll be feeding it with my new plant food – we got the Bayer! And in just a few days, my poor rose that had been attacked already has some new leaves on it! So thank you again for that. Next year, I’ll be more up to speed and will treat to prevent attacks. Back to your post, I absolutely love this day lily of yours and continue to be impressed by your green thumb. Happy Friday, my sweet friend. ♥️

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    1. P.s. I meant to say, my ones like yours have not bloomed at all- yet (not giving up, will keep feeding them as instructed and hold out hope for next year). I think we planted them in a bad spot or something is getting the buds. We have so many chipmunks, etc., around here, as well as oak tree roots that hurt a lot of my plants/take all the water, but I love my trees, too. 😊

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    2. Oh wow! You should do Flower Friday! I know you always share such beautiful flowers with your books, which I love btw! ❤🌷

      I’m going to have to look up the lily’s you speak of! And you know, I feel like these color lily’s don’t bloom as much as our regular orange day lily’s either. Weird?

      I’m so glad the Bayer worked for you as well. I swear, that stuff is like magic. I noticed leaves just seem to heal up right away. We have Japanese beetles which eat everything and they’re just such a pain. The Bayer has helped so much. I hope it continues to work for you and solves all the problems. Let me know! We have to chat soon. 💙🧡💙 I hope you had a great holiday. HUGS XOXO 😚

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  2. Jessica Rachow

    Beautiful!! I can’t wait to be able to plant flowers someday. For now, I have to be content with whatever the apartment complex picks. 😊❤

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  3. I always thought daylilies were hard to grow. I will have to see if I can find some next spring to plant I am trying to add more flowers to my yard. These ones are beautiful, I love the colours.

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    1. I feel like they are so easy, but maybe we’ve just been lucky? I remember my grandmother having daylilys though and hers didn’t seem to take much maintenance either. She mainly had yellows. I think they’re worth a try! We have voles and other critters which seem to leave these alone. The only thing I wish is that the blooms lasted all summer.

      You’ll have to let me know what you’re growing, Carla. Hope everything is great with you. 😚🧡


      1. David R. Dowdy

        Day lilies are easy to grow, low-maintenance flowers that make luxurious borders. They’re very tolerant of heat as you said and thus seem tropical. They always produce great flowers. You can divide them yet they will spread on their own. They’re a great flower for people who don’t necessarily like flowers!

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  4. starjustin

    Gorgeous! Day lilies come in so many varieties. I think the name of this one is very interesting. I enjoy the Stella Doros that bloom all summer. 🌸

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