Flower Friday: Sedums and Pumpkin Harvest!

I discovered Flower Friday last year while visiting Lorilin@Bugbugbooks and have been having a blast sharing some flower pictures and information. Please check out Lorilin’s blog if you haven’t already for book reviews and more!

We don’t have a large variety of fall blooming flowers, but I do have Sedums which I’ve grown to love over the years.


It’s neat how they change color as fall progresses…

It’s amazing what a pumpkin flower can do!

Some of you might remember last year when I posted about how the previous pumpkin growing season was ruined by a family of wild turkeys. This year we were lucky and had an abundant harvest.


All of the green pumpkins turn orange fairly quickly after sitting in the sun for a few weeks…

Big Max

We ended up with many different varieties…


Thumpkin variety

It was fun giving most of these away to family, friends, and neighbors. We have plenty for carving this Halloween and for canning!

Musquee de Provence


We had these beautiful blue morning glory growing throughout the pumpkin patch this season…


Even with freezing nights, the roses are still blooming around the house…


It’s been a wonderful fall so far!


Thanks for checking out Flower Friday. What fall flowers do you have around your house? Are you carving pumpkins for Halloween? Have a wonderful weekend!

❤ Mischenko

25 thoughts on “Flower Friday: Sedums and Pumpkin Harvest!

  1. I love these! I have always wanted some sedums, and I didn’t know that about the color changing! My roses are done for the season, but I hope they’ll look like yours this time next year since I know how to care for them better. ♥️ I loved that you chose all those varieties of pumpkins. I especially love the thumpkins! You are so nice to share your harvest, and I am not at all surprised. Happy weekend! Xoxo

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    1. Thanks! They are a really cool flower. I used to not like them much, but I’ve grown to love them over the years. Your roses are done? I would think yours would last longer with you being south? Maybe different varieties. You’ll have to let me know if the Bayer works for you next season. We had one whole rose bush barely come back this year. Hoping it’ll perk back up next year. We got really lucky this year with the pumpkins! It was super fun to share with everyone. I really look forward to it and happy the turkeys stayed away 😂. Thanks, Jenn! 🧡💜🧡 xoxo

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      1. The turkeys were out bugging someone else! 😂 I only have a mini rose bush that is tiny and sort of a viney spray of roses from the past owner. When we moved here, it was literally one vine! It seemed like it may have been something sentimental that they planted, and it’s right near my front door, which is not normally where I’d keep a rose, but I left it and love it. It has filled out more, but mostly it gets taller rather than wider because it more of the viney variety. I don’t think it would ever be a bush even when me pruning it, and there’s not much room there anyway because of the other bushes we have. So it can only bloom so much, really, and I don’t see any more buds on it. My sunpatiens are still trying hard, but the cool nights are getting to them, and my azaleas are doing their second or third bloom, though it’s a small one because of the hurricanes blowing off the buds. The camellias have buds though, and I hope they don’t freeze or get knocked off before Februaryish when they tend to bloom to let us know spring is coming! ♥️ I need to plant some more roses, but there’s not a ton of room left to plant in sunny areas. Happy Sunday, M! Xoxo 😘

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        1. I see! Wow, you have a lot of beautiful flowers! I don’t have any of those except an Azalea type bush which is dying. For some reason on one side of the house we are having problems like there’s a virus or fungus in the soil or something. I’d like to plant some more roses too.

          You should do Flower Friday! You always have such beautiful flowers in your posts. 😍🧡

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    1. Thanks, Carla. We are so thankful. Are yours green? We cut some green ones and they turned orange. I guess as long as they have a spot of orange they’ll change in the sun? I wish we lived closer so we could give you some! 😉❤🎃


      1. Nope, only got blossoms and then they fell off. I will collect up ones that get put out after Halloween, that weren’t cut and use them to make pumpkin puree. I can’t believe how many people buy pie pumpkins for decorations, then just put them out at the road for garbage pickup.

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  2. Lorilin

    Such beautiful pumpkins!!! Wow, good for you. Ours didn’t last long at all because of fungus, boo. We’ll have to troubleshoot that next year… Happy fall! 😀

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    1. Thanks, Lorilin! Sorry yours didn’t last. We had fungus too and it’s such a pain! Luckily, we planted extra and it was mainly mildew which stayed controlled up until harvest. Too much rain this year I think. I’ve seen some people swear by using milk and stuff to fight it. Haven’t tried it. I remember Jerry Baker saying to add a handful of dry milk in with each plant and it’s supposed to help. 😉❤


  3. Oh my those flowers are beautiful and I love how you were able to share the different colours. And for your pumpkins… wow. I must admit I’ve never seen the pumpkins changing colour from green to orange so I really enjoyed that here. thanks for sharing. Looks like you definitely had some fun materials to work with for carving. 😉 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Nina! It’s really fun when fall rolls in because as they turn orange you can see them better in the patch and it’s like they keep popping up. It’s like Christmas. 💜 Glad you enjoyed and thank you for sharing your thoughts. 😁

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