Flower Friday: Tiger Lily #FlowerFriday #TigerLily #Flowers #Perennials


I discovered Flower Friday while visiting Lorilin@Bugbugbooks. I decided to start sharing some flower pictures from our gardens along with some information about them. Please check out Lorilin’s blog if you haven’t already for book reviews and more!

In January I shared:

This week I’d like to share some tiger lilies we have growing in our gardens.

Out of all the lilies we have growing outside, these are some of my favorites. Here are some pictures taken July 27th, 2018.

They’re fairly tall and their bright, orange flowers sort of hang down from the stems. Butterflies and hummingbirds love them.

The best thing about these is that they require little attention. They continue to come back year after year and multiply.

These are growing next to a wooded area and seem to be thriving even with a little shade.

  • Botanical name: Lilium
  • Hardiness: Zone 3-9
  • Height: Up to 5 ft
  • Bloom early to late summer
  • Perennial

Thanks for checking out Flower Friday! Do you have any lilies in your garden? What are some of your favorite flowers? Let me know in the comments section below. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

♥️ Mischenko

53 thoughts on “Flower Friday: Tiger Lily #FlowerFriday #TigerLily #Flowers #Perennials

  1. I LOVE Tiger Lilies!! Do yours have little black seed balls on them!?! When I was a little girl, we would collect them and replant them all around. My mother would get so angry because they would come up, literally, every place that we dropped a seed ball. When I moved to Indiana, everyone around here calls their orange day lilies “Tiger lilies” and I keep telling them, “noooooo, those are not real tiger lilies.” But yours are!!! I have to find these!! I want them so badly! Thank you for cheering up my cold and snowy Friday!!

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    1. Awesome! I’m not sure if these do; they’re planted out pretty far from everything else and I haven’t paid much attention to that. I’ll have to see! We do have some other lilies that get those black seed balls on them. They’re called blackberry lilies and they get tons of those! They just self sow everywhere. I’ve heard tons of people in Indiana say the same thing! There are so many lilies though. I can send you a few bulbs in the mail! 😉❤ Thanks, Mackey.

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  2. I love tiger lilies and they are about the only thing that I’ve ever had success growing, lol. I planted some in pots about 15 years ago, and they came back every year until about 4 years ago when they got some type of fungus. I was so proud of those things, you wouldn’t believe since I killed everything else, haha! Happy Friday, Jenn! ❤

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    1. Aww! A fungus? I can totally see it happening as we’ve had similar problems with other plants especially in wet seasons. I haven’t tried many perennials in pots due to our zone. I’m sure yours were beautiful though and hope you try again! 😘😊

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      1. Yeah, the roots got too wet 😦 They really were and so tall! I’ve planted them again every year but for some reason they will grow but not last very long and they won’t come back! I don’t know what I did the 1st time-maybe they were magic lilies, haha!

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        1. Aww…Maybe they like the ground better? Are you going to plant them this year? Good luck if you do. You’ll have to let me know. I’m looking forward to the upcoming growing season! 💗


        2. Maybe they do? I’m not really sure. I think the issue is that I’ve been buying them as they are already about to bloom then transplanting them to the pot instead of growing them from the bulb like I did the first time around. I’ll try that this year and see! I’ll have to plant in March since they bloom early and we’ve had a pretty mild winter-it’s going to be in the 70’s a couple days this week!! Me too! ❤


  3. starjustin

    I remember the tiger lilies grandma had were always my favorite. When I see the tiger lilies growing wild on the sides of the road when traveling it brings back memories. Yours are beautiful! I’m happy that you have them. ❤️

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  4. Such gorgeous colors. You’re getting me excited about focusing more on flowers this growing season! Our last frost isn’t until May 15th(ish), so I have some time to think about it. 🤣

    What I love about these, aside from the bright color, is they look sort of alien, or like something out of Alice in Wonderland. While I enjoy “typical” flowers (roses, carnations, mums, daisies, etc.), I have a soft spot for flowers that are a little more unusual, like bleeding hearts and lantanas…and tiger lilies.

    Love these posts!

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    1. Thanks! We are right around the same zone I think. I normally go with around May 20th or so, so we are close! Getting exciting too.

      I think these do look a little tropical, don’t they? I don’t have any others that look like these. I’d love some bleeding hearts and lantanas! Those I’ll add to my wish list, but I think they’re annual here.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 💗

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