A to Z Challenge: Music from Favorite Films “F” Fireproof “While I’m Waiting”

I’ve joined in for the A to Z challenge this year which runs from April 1st to the 30th. My choice of theme is Music from Favorite Films. I’ll be sharing the songs in order of film title and will write a little about my thoughts on the movie as well.


I’ve probably seen this movie twenty times and never tire of it. In Fireproof, Caleb (Kirk Cameron), a fireman, is struggling with his marriage to Catherine (Erin Bethea). Caleb’s been quite selfish and refuses to help pay for house improvements because he’s saving to buy a boat. He also expects Catherine to maintain everything around the house even though she also works as a hospital administrator.


It’s all just added stress for Catherine as she struggles to help her parents because her mom has recently suffered a stroke.

It gets to the point to where Caleb and Catherine have little respect for one another and argue constantly. Catherine bursts–she can’t take it anymore and asks to leave the marriage. In a heated argument, Caleb agrees with her. Continue reading “A to Z Challenge: Music from Favorite Films “F” Fireproof “While I’m Waiting””