Q&A With Author Carol Buckley – Founder of The Elephant Sanctuary & Elephant Aid International

I was very excited to learn that the trial regarding Tarra the elephant is now over. I’m unsure what Carol’s plans are for Tarra, but wish them all the best regardless. Here is my original Q&A with Carol.


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Earlier this year I read a few books about an elephant named Tarra. The first one I read was titled Tarra & Bellawritten by Carol Buckley. It’s a book about an elephant (Tarra) and the unlikely relationship she had with a dog named Bella at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. After reading it and learning about Tarra, Carol Buckley, and The Elephant Sanctuary, I had to learn more. I picked up Travels with Tarra, a book about Carol Buckley and Tarra before her life at the sanctuary, and Just For Elephants, another book about an elephant named Shirley who is retiring from a zoo and being moved to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. If you’d like to see my original reviews/posts on these, you can click on the titles below.


Tarra, an Asian elephant, was brought to…

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