Flower Friday: One Beautiful…One Interesting: Petunia and Daisy Fleabane #FlowerFriday #Petunia #Fleabane #Wildflowers #Flowers

I discovered Flower Friday while visiting Lorilin@Bugbugbooks and decided to start sharing some flower pictures from our gardens along with some information about them. Please check out Lorilin’s blog if you haven’t already for book reviews and more!

Last time I shared Rhododendron. Here are other 2019 shares:

Today’s share:

One beautiful:

Petunia hanging baskets…


Going strong even in the brutal July heat!


One interesting:

Daisy Fleabane

These are everywhere right now…


It’s funny because I have this area behind my house that I haven’t gotten to this year yet. It’s just brimming with weeds, and intermixed are these really neat daisy-like flowers.


They’re called daisy fleabane: Erigeron Strigosus. These are indeed a wildflower, but some consider them weeds. They’re very beneficial for small insects like flies and bees.


It’s always wonderful to find something this beneficial, even in an area such as this one that has caused me stress. The flowers really are pretty too.

These are semi-edible too! The leaves can be cooked like other greens. This plant has been used as a diuretic and a medicine for digestive ailments. Native Americans used it for numerous ailments; there are too many to list!

Daisy fleabane leaf extracts contain caffeic acid which is an active compound that has antioxidative and neuroprotective effects on neuronal cells.” –www.ediblewildfood.com

Thanks for checking out Flower Friday. Let me know what flowers you’re enjoying right now and of you have any Daisy fleabane growing around your home! Have a great weekend everyone.


48 thoughts on “Flower Friday: One Beautiful…One Interesting: Petunia and Daisy Fleabane #FlowerFriday #Petunia #Fleabane #Wildflowers #Flowers

  1. My double tiger lilies have been blooming like crazy. The Forever Susan lilies I planted, I don’t think they’re going to bloom this year or at least not until very late in the summer. They just have not grown like the double tigers have.

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  2. starjustin

    I always seem to learn something new from your ‘flower fridays’. Very interesting about the daisy fleabane. Amazing how what most think of as weeds you can show the beauty and usefulness of them. Great post! 🌺

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    1. Thanks, Steph! I guess you can’t go wrong with petunias. My only complaint is the maintenance as far as deadheading to keep them going all summer. 😂 We do have 1 geranium too! 😉 I hope you are doing well. I see you’re very busy on Instagram! ❤❤❤

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      1. You’re welcome, Jenn! I guess not-you know I don’t have a green thumb! That’s true although I so often forget to do that. I’m doing okay-good and bad days, but what’s new! Ugh, I have been busy on Instagram, but it’s starting to feel like a fulltime job with the blog as well that I’m not sure if I’m going to keep doing as much. You won’t believe how much I stress over IG..well you would since you know me. I practically had a nervous breakdown in May over blogging and how stressed out it was making it and was just ready to pull the plug. I’m still debating just finishing out my commitments for the year and calling it a day since my love of reading has almost disappeared since this feels more like a job now than a fun hobby. I’m not as stressed as I was, but I can say that when we got back from vacation yesterday and I posted my 1st blog post in a week that I started to freak out, so I’m not sure what that means? Anyway….I hope you and the kids are well! Gosh, hard to believe it’s almost time for school to start back! xoxo ♥

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        1. We are in the same position. Although I know you have way much more to do. 😉 I recently downgraded to a wordpress.com account with hopes to fizzle out a bit because I just haven’t had an interest in writing reviews. I’m really enjoying just reading. I think I’ve posted 2 reviews in the last week. I’ll be lucky to get one this week.

          I’m so sorry you’re stressed. Maybe you can take a longer break? I don’t get how people can post one and some two reviews a day. I can’t even read one book a day. 😂 It is stressing for me to have deadlines which is why I stopped taking requests and try to refrain from using NetGalley. Reading on my own terms is just way more enjoyable.

          I hope you can find a good balance for yourself. Let me know if you ever want to chat. I’m off hangouts, but on Skype. Take care, friend. ❤💜❤

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        2. You know I’ve always hated the reviewing part, lol. It’s just gotten more difficult as time has gone on and that’s partially on me as I’ve taken on more commitments although I always said that I wouldn’t. I’ve not requested anything from Netgalley since March, but now that I’m getting physical copies in the mail that’s making it harder and I’m not sure how to say no to those or if I can. I’m so iffy on what I have to do and feel forced to review even when I’ve sat sobbing writing reviews and been so miserable doing this that my hubby threatened to just delete my WP account and IG account while I was asleep (thankfully he doesn’t know my laptop password). Still. I spent days just in tears because I was just so overwhelmed with it all and that’s when I knew that it was too much and not right for me anymore. But I’ve not been able to stop because I still have these books that need reviewing…sigh. I honestly wish I knew what to do because my sanity is going out the window. The deadlines are what I hate too. I just want to read for the sake of reading-like you said, on my own terms.

          I hope I find balance too. I’m tired of chest pains and headaches when I sit down to look at my blog or anyone elses. I know it’s not good for my health. I haven’t used Skype in a decade, but I have a username somewhere if I can remember it. If I sent you a message through Twitter, would you get it? Take care too, Jenn! xoxo ♥

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        3. Yes! We can talk through Twitter or even Skype if you have a user ID. I can always send you mine through Twitter if needed.

          I hear you about the books coming in the mail too. I used to do a lot of GR giveaways and had books coming left and right. It is stressful, and too stressful for me.

          I think you’ll be okay, Steph, and will keep you in my prayers. I sure do love your reviews. 😉💕 Let me know how you’re doing. We must chat!


  3. These are beautiful, favorite M! I love petunias! You are so much better at deadheading than I am. Mine get all spindly and re-seed. I think we talked about this before- and my seeds have lived across years and grown again in new pots! I don’t think I have any still alive this year though. We had the deck painted and had to clear it off and some of my plants did not like having their pots moved. Ugh. The daisies are so sweet too! I wish I had pretty wild things like that growing. Thanks so much for sharing this. ♥️

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    1. Jenn, how cool! I love when petunias do that. I do remember you mentioning it. Weve had it happen, but they don’t last long with our shorter growing season.

      Deadheading is always so time consuming, but it’s so worth it to get the explosion of blooms over and over. I just love these this year. They seem to be the best I’ve ever had.

      You have so many beautiful flowers, Jen! I’m always in awe when I see your pics. So breathtaking!

      Thanks for checking out Flower Friday! ❤💙💚

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  4. I have a love/hate relationship with petunias. I love the variety, and they’re always beautiful and full at first, but after a couple of months turn into straggly, pitiful things. Maybe it’s something I’m doing wrong.

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