Journal #1: Seize the Moment #Journal #LifeLessons

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appt. with my endocrinologist. It was a little bit stressful for me because of this strange stomach bug I was hassling with, which had been affecting my sleep. Not only that, I had to take my five-year-old who was high-energy the entire time.

20190727_053705Because my doctor was way behind schedule, I ended up sitting in the lobby for nearly an hour. There was also a lady who came in late and was taken in before me, so I was flat-out irritated. I sat and kept quiet until it was nearly an hour waiting, finally ready to burst.

The entire time I was sitting in the waiting area there was an older woman sitting next to me. After all this time had gone by, she turned to me and asked how old my daughter was, and stated  that she wished she had her energy. I laughed and told her that I’d love to have her energy as well. Our chat took off and I felt this instant connection between us. She started going on and on like we’d been friends forever and she could tell me anything. She talked about her husband who passed away a few years ago, then she mentioned her health tribulations with the same thyroid condition that I have. She’d been through the wringer after being overmedicated–hospitalized three times–in addition to experiencing a heart attack recently. It was in the middle of our conversation that I thought to myself: I hope the nurse comes out and calls someone else’s name; I want to remain talking to this woman for as long as I can. This conversation was important and meaningful! Getting into the doctor wasn’t important anymore. It was like time stopped: a total 180 from how I’d felt just minutes ago waiting for my doctor to call me in.

She went on to tell me the ages of her kids and how she was now 85 years old and feeling pretty well for the most part despite missing her husband. I could feel the sorrow, and then the nurse came out10011881004_d5ab6d7cd9_b and called my name. I had to say goodbye and end our conversation. After telling her it was so nice talking to her, she looked up at me and said, “I’m going to keep you in my prayers.” How amazing (I thought), but really I hadn’t even had a chance to tell her much about myself because she was too busy telling me everything that had been going on with her. How kind of her to tell me that she would keep me in her prayers. I should’ve told her the same, because it’s true: I know her name and I’m going to pray for her. Instead, I smiled and told her thank you. As I walked toward the nurse, I had strong thoughts floating around in my head like: I really feel like I need to talk to this woman more. Maybe she could use some support? How will I ever get in contact with her again? Should I give her my email or phone number?

After leaving the doctor’s office, I thought about the situation a little more. What is it that made this woman sit next to me in the first place? There were probably thirty+ seats in the room and not that many people there. Usually when it comes to sitting in a waiting room, I try to give myself a space or two in between other people, but this woman sat right next to me. I thought about how much time I wasted sitting there looking at my phone, totally losing patience (which I’ve always had an issue with), when I could’ve just opened my eyes and maybe tried to be more social.

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”Roman’s 12:2

It’s true: I haven’t had the best luck connecting with people in life and truly feel like was like a God-given moment to establish a new connection with someone. There was something special about this encounter, but it’s usually fear that prevents me from following my inner voice in situations such as this one.

Once I was back out to the car, I turned on the radio, and a man was talking about how we need to seize the day.

Don’t put something off until tomorrow that can be done today because we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. We need to take advantage of every moment we have. Live in the moment.

I’d heard this life lesson before, but obviously still haven’t perfected it. Again, what are the odds that this message would come at a time like this?

For me, the key takeaway from this whole experience is to not miss the moment, remain present, and never let opportunities like this pass me by again. When I feel strongly about something (even when it feels like taking a chance), I want to remain strong, take control, seize the moment, and listen to the voice inside me.


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27 thoughts on “Journal #1: Seize the Moment #Journal #LifeLessons

    1. Thank you so much. 😊 I thought it was strange that we both sat there for such a length of time not talking and then she finally spoke up to me. I really hope I run into her again. Maybe it’s possible.


  1. Noriko

    What a beautiful story! My heart is filled to the brim with warm feelings, you two ladies are amazing… I would have felt the same way being hesitant to leave… I hope there’s nothing serious going on for your health! I’ll keep you in my prayers too, Mischenko💖💗😉

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    1. Thank you, Noriko! I’m doing okay. We didn’t really talk about me if at all, so it really struck me when she said that. I believe I did mention being overmedicated last year after she told me what happened to her with her overmedication, which is dangerous, so that could be it. It was such a wonderful experience speaking with her. I really hope I run into her again. Thank you for reading this! ❤

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  2. starjustin

    I truly believe that God is present in all that we do here in this world if we only have faith and believe.
    I’ve always believed in guardian angels too. When I started traveling between my family in Indiana and my family in Texas a few years back, one of my dearest friends gave me an angel to hang in my car. On the angel is inscribed ‘ never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly’.
    I think you were there for a reason at that time, not just for you, but also for the the lady.
    Heartfelt post Jen. Thx for sharing! 💕

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    1. I’ve heard that one before too! I know you’ve always told me about guardian angels and I believe too. Something tells me I was meant to run into this woman, and I hope I see her again. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 💚💜💚

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  3. Some times the Holy Spirit speaks very quietly to us. I know what you mean about fear though. I’ve also learned to use Jesus name when talking to someone who seems into things “spiritual”. So many people believe in “God”, but mention the name of Jesus and you quickly sort out those who are Christians and those who are just into spiritual things.

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    1. ps, I actually was going to write about that hour long wait really sucking. I used to have a retina specialist that regularly ran 60-90minutes late, so I feel your pain.
      Add the high energy kiddo and I’m nominating you for sainthood for not killing everyone!

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      1. 90 minutes would’ve surely put me over! 😂 Wow. Hope you don’t have to put up with that anymore. Thanks lol. She’s not-stop daily! Funny how every one of my kids is different. P.S. there’s another comment below this one.

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        1. Insurance changes forced me to go to a bigger eye doctor company. Now it’s just a 15min wait 😀

          Thanks for the tip off. It didn’t show up in my feed. WordPress is so weird that way…

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    2. It’s interesting that you bring up using Jesus’ name because that very same day I listened to a preacher’s podcast and he said never to expect your prayers to be answered unless you say, “I pray in Jesus’ name.” That’s something I learned when we were members of the Nazarene church and now our Baptist church says the same thing. I grew up in the Eastern Orthodox church because of my Russian grandmother and we never prayed in Jesus’ name. It just makes me think of all those years I wasn’t using Jesus’ name. Were my prayers even heard? Interesting…

      I do believe it’s important to profess your Christianity, which is something I haven’t done a whole lot of online because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to here. I’m a Christian, but I know what you mean about all the differences with what people believe.

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      1. I don’t know if I’d go so far as that preacher. I do know that the Bible teaches us to pray in Jesus’ name, but it’s not some vending machine-like action 🙂

        Balancing your beliefs as a Christian online, with the duty to call to others, with the desire of so many people to simply not listen, is a real issue.

        I’ve chosen not to become Tele-Evangelist Bookstooge on my site because I know it will push people away 😀 And if they ever have questions, then I’ll be ready to answer.

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        1. Yeah, our old Nazarene church just basically said that it makes your prayer priority.

          I definitely get less likes/comments on my spiritual content. Although, I’m going by what I’ve posted lately and my stats have dropped. I’ve noticed patterns though and certain followers steer clear of my posts if they have any spiritual content.

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