Flower Friday: Sedums and Rigby the Cat #FlowerFriday #BlackCat #CatsofTwitter #Kitten #Sedums

I wasn’t going to post Flower Friday today because I posted a book review, but I thought I’d share a quick picture of our landscaping sedums sheltering Rigby.


Rigby is our garage kitten. She doesn’t seem too interested in the outdoors like her brother Kreese.


She’s also the first all black kitten we’ve had in many years.

Happy Friday!

❀ Mischenko

29 thoughts on “Flower Friday: Sedums and Rigby the Cat #FlowerFriday #BlackCat #CatsofTwitter #Kitten #Sedums

    1. I remember you saying that, Teri! I’m honestly afraid to let her out with the other cats because she’s not outdoorsy like her brother, Kreese. Seriously considering a way to have her inside, but the dogs, etc. For now she loves living in our garage and we supervise them outside. πŸ˜‰

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