Book Review: The Grim Grotto by Lemony Snicket (A Series of Unfortunate Events #11) #BookReview #ChildrensBooks #Fiction

The Grim Grotto (A Series of Unfortunate Events #11)

By Lemony Snicket


My review:

The Grim Grotto picks up right after the previous installment as the Baudelaires have now been separated from Quigley Quagmire. They discover a submarine called the “Queequeg” which is controlled by a man named Captain Widdershins…

“Let’s see! I’ll put you to work right away! Aye! No—first I’ll give you a tour! No—I’ll introduce you to my crew! No—I’ll let you rest! No—I’d better get you into uniforms! Aye! It’s important that everyone aboard wear a waterproof uniform in case the submarine collapses and we find ourselves underwater! Of course, in that case we’ll need diving helmets! Except Sunny because she can’t wear one! I guess she’ll drown! No—she can curl up inside a diving helmet! Aye! The helmets have a tiny door on the neck just for such purpose! Aye! I’ve seen it done! I’ve seen so many things in my time!”
“Excuse me,” Violet said, “but could you tell us who you are?”

Also aboard the Queequeg are Fiona (Captain Whittershin’s daughter), and a cook named Phil, who is actually a returning character from The Miserable Mill. Once again, it seems as though the Baudelaire children may have caught a break after meeting up with this presumably helpful group of people in the Queequeg, but their surroundings are certainly grimm–and they’re faced with one of their hardest challenges ever.

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