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By J.D. Ventura


My thoughts:

After Claire’s husband Sam is diagnosed with an early form of dementia, he’s convinced they need to move out of D.C. for a slower, more comfortable lifestyle. Claire isn’t sure what life will be like in West Virginia and feels quite negative about it, but she tries to remain optimistic because she loves Sam. She knows in her heart this is something they likely both need with his new diagnosis.

Everything is mysterious with this new ‘gated’ neighborhood, from the McMansions throughout, to the people that live within them. Claire begins to notice odd things about the neighbors and witnesses some downright scary events. As time moves forward she discovers that Sam has secrets about a special project he’s been working on, which leaves her seeking the truth in a world where there’s no telling who she can trust.

This book was totally insane, unpredictable, and nothing like what I expected. It was a real page-turner that I nearly read in one sitting. Some scenes had a Twilight Zone feel; I didn’t think I was ever going to figure out what was really happening here.

The characters are both interesting and mysterious. The main character, Claire, is sort of a basket case due to family baggage from her past. As things get bizarre in this new neighborhood, she’s nearly pushed to the breaking point. I struggled to figure her out, and because of this, it made this story feel somewhat like a psychological thriller. Sam wasn’t well understood either; there isn’t as much backstory for him, but we know he’s super intelligent and works for NASA. He’s dedicated to his work, and he’s struggling with a super-secret, work-related project on top of dealing with his fears from this new diagnosis.

I found the ending thought-provoking, but wow…did it come fast. Once you figure out what’s really going on, the story comes together nicely, and now I’m pondering the possibility of a sequel. I’m not going to spoil this, so definitely go read this book if you like suspense!


I won this in a giveaway and would like to thank the author for sharing it with me. This is my own, honest review of the book.

Find this book on Goodreads and Amazon:

  • Paperback: 232 pages
  • Publisher: BookBaby (August 13, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1543955118
  • ISBN-13: 978-1543955118

From Goodreads: 

Claire Sturgis never dreamed of leaving her life as a Washington, D.C. urbanite. But after her husband, Sam, a NASA aerospace engineer working on a top-secret project, is diagnosed with early-onset dementia, he convinces her semi-retirement in a gated community full of “McMansions” is just what they need to slow down and take stock. She silently begrudges the move, but will do anything to help him deal with his illness.But as soon as they arrive at Frontier Village, Claire finds more questions than answers. Why is their rural neighborhood surrounded by a 15-foot-high wall festooned with high-tech video cameras? Why are there no children? And why is the couple who live down the street so perfect and beguiling? When Sam insists that they’re being followed home from dinner one night, Claire must decide whether to believe him, or accept the fact his disease is finally taking hold. Soon it’s not just Sam who is losing his grasp on reality, as Claire struggles to uncover the truth about her overly-friendly neighbors, her husband and, ultimately, herself.

Thanks for reading my review! Have you read any other suspense thrillers you’d like to share? Feel free to share your thoughts below.


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