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GOD Life After Death

by Tom A. Wilson


My thoughts:

This book came across my Twitter feed and I was instantly intrigued. You can pick the ebook up for .99 cents right now on Amazon.

It’s a quick read about God and the afterlife that really packs a punch. The author argues against disbelief in God and gives the main reasons why we should reconsider if we aren’t believers. He keeps religion completely out of it.

I found parts of the book a little repetitive at times–mainly the repeating information regarding Intelligent Design. The interesting thing is, I’ve been walking around thinking about it ever since. My children are studying the boreal forest right now and we all marveled at the crossbill–a bird with a unique beak that helps it obtain seeds from coniferous trees (cones). What also grips me is how these crossbills are evolving and adapting to the world today. Although evolutionists have their own beliefs, I personally find it hard not to think about Intelligent Design when looking at nature.

Red Crossbill (
Some of the information in this book was common knowledge but really provokes you to think deeply.

No matter how things came to be, whether it was through the process of evolution or by some other means, the things did come to exist. The things that we look at are extremely complex and are full of effects that only result from intelligent planning and design. It doesn’t matter how these things came to exist, the process doesn’t matter when addressing the question of the likelihood of an intelligent designer. There is nothing to say that an intelligent designer wouldn’t have used evolution to make things what they are today. The only thing that we can say with absolute certainty is that the result is extremely complex and intelligent, with overwhelming evidence that intelligence was involved in causing the effects of what we see today. How is it possible that a non-believer can argue against the fact that conscious intelligence is everywhere? A man using his conscious intelligence to argue against the idea that conscious intelligence played a part in him getting here is absurd and doesn’t make any sense at all.

I’ve always had an interest in near death experiences and have read multiple books on the subject. I was hoping there would be more on near death experiences here, but believe the author’s other book will go into much more detail, which is on my list to read later on. The NDE interviews the author includes are compelling.

This was an enjoyable book. It’s an interesting perspective that anyone can read. I do wonder the impact it might have on a non-believer (or those in between) and hope more people will read it and share their thoughts. I recommend you pick up this book and see what you think for yourself. I’ve already added a few more books to read from the recommended reading list in the back and look forward to those.


Find this book on Goodreads and Amazon:
  • Print Length: 100 pages
  • Publisher: Tom A. Wilson (January 19, 2016)
  • Publication Date: January 19, 2016
  • Language: English


If you don’t think that evidence exists for “GOD” or “Life after Death”, you need to get a copy of this book. This book is a quick and easy-to-read presentation of evidence that supports Intelligent Design (aka GOD) and of the evidence that supports “Life after Death”. Logic and reason are used, organized religion is not. If you are looking for a non-religious book on the topics of “GOD” and “Life after Death” this is the book for you. This is something that you can really accept, there is no request for “blind faith” here. The information contained is a shocking and amazing “wake-up call” for those that are in doubt. This book shows that Intelligent Design is the only answer. God is REAL! Includes interviews with those who have “died” and returned, as well as interviews with the medical professionals that deal with death. You will be AMAZED by the information contained. It will bring you a GREAT PEACE and UNDERSTANDING. Your life is about to change. Pick up a copy today!

Thanks for reading my review! You can share thoughts and suggestions below if you’d like.

♥️ Mischenko

13 thoughts on “Book Review: GOD Life After Death by Tom A. Wilson #BookReview #GodLifeAfterDeath #Spiritual #IntelligentDesign

  1. starjustin

    I’m starting this book soon. I believe there’s a purpose for all we see in life, such as the Crossbill you mentioned Jen.
    Thx for sharing this one. 😉❤️👍🏻

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