Flower Friday: Purple Blooms! Iris – Heartleaf 4 o’ clock – Spiderwort – Ground Ivy – Columbine – Rhododendron #FlowerFriday #Perennials #Flowers #Purple #Blooms

I discovered Flower Friday while visiting Lorilin@Bugbugbooks and decided to begin sharing some flower pictures from our gardens along with some information about them. Please check out Lorilin’s blog if you haven’t already for book reviews and more!


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Today’s share:

Random purple blooms!

There are so many beautiful flowers blooming outside right now. Here are some random pictures from this week.


This next one doesn’t seem very interesting, but did you know the Saxons used this ground ivy to make ale before the use of hops?


I’ve shared spiderwort before. Truth is, this is one of my favorite flowers outside. It’s growing everywhere and I’m not pulling any of it!


These heartleaf 4 o’ clocks tricked me; I had high hopes they were swamp milkweed. They’re still beautiful—popping up around the pasture and by the greenhouse with their clusters of lavender flowers. I won’t pull these either, because they’re actually growing inside a Jerusalem artichoke bed which isn’t a big deal.



This columbine below is a mystery! I didn’t plant it, but it popped up in the landscaping this year. Must be the garden fairies? Anyway, this flower is so unique, but you won’t see it if you don’t lift it up with your hand.


I guess this is more of a maroon-colored flower, but it does have four, inner lavender-colored petals inside. The bell-like flowers hang from skinny stems. It’s quite whimpy looking really. I can’t deny, this isn’t a favorite as of yet, but it’s growing on me. The fact that it came up out of nowhere is special.


Finally, the rhododendron. You may have noticed the use of this bush for the Flower Friday image. It’s one of my most cherished perennials, but it doesn’t last long enough—coming and going within a week or so. If you look closely you can see the bee flying onward to the next flower. 


Thanks for checking out Flower Friday! What do you have blooming this week? Have a wonderful weekend!

🧡 Mischenko

24 thoughts on “Flower Friday: Purple Blooms! Iris – Heartleaf 4 o’ clock – Spiderwort – Ground Ivy – Columbine – Rhododendron #FlowerFriday #Perennials #Flowers #Purple #Blooms

  1. At our previous house there was a rhododendron bush I was excited to see bloom – I’d never had one before. Hubby didn’t know what it was and cut it down to almost nothing. It never bloomed again. These days I tell him what he’s allowed to trim, lol. Beautiful flowers, Jen!

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    1. Oh my gosh, Teri, that has happened at this house numerous times! It can be so devastating too. I’m so sorry you lost yours. Why do men do that stuff? 😆 It’s not funny, but then it kinda is. This year my husband mowed down all my mints to nearly nothing. Luckily, you can’t kill mint. Thanks, Teri.

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  2. My garden is entirely purple so I love seeing all of your blooms this week. My spiderwort is outblooming itself this year. I have the regular native type and the bright green leafed one as well. I love them.

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  3. Noriko🌷

    What beautiful flowers!! If I am not mistaken, I remember seeing the top purple flower blooming in my mother’s garden when I was a kid. They are all so adorable!

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  4. starjustin

    I especially appreciate the beauty of the iris because we grew up with these as they were my moms favorite.
    I love this post! The columbine is gorgeous. And I think this has been the very best year, so far, for the rhododendron.
    Thx for sharing Jen! 💐

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  5. The bee picture with the rhododendron is perfect, M! My dad likes to tell the story about how he brought some rhododendron and mountain laurel home from the mountains for my grandmother. At the time, those were the only places where it grew but now it’s more common to find it in people’s yards here. She planted it and those bushes were stunning! I’ve never had any, sadly, but I love to see it in the mountains! I loved all your other pics, too. My mom and I love columbine, and we haven’t had good luck with keeping it alive. Because it’s spindly it seems to be subject to harm in the big thunderstorms we have. Those strange looking flowers are just so unique and gorgeous!

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    1. What an amazing story, Jen! I can’t even imagine how beautiful those bushes were. I’d love to have some mountain laurel here too. Honestly, I just wish the rhododendron would bloom longer. It brightens up the entire deck and yard.

      Columbine is so cool, isn’t it? It’s not a favorite but it’s growing on me. You’re so right describing it as spindly, and with it being so airy, I imagine it’s bad for storms. This is right in the front of my house and facing south, so it has a little bit of protection. I just wish I knew where it came from! Lol! Take care and thanks for sharing your story. 💜🌼🌈

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