Flower Friday: Common Serviceberry #FlowerFriday #Perennials #Flowers #Serviceberry

I discovered Flower Friday while visiting Lorilin@Bugbugbooks and decided to begin sharing some flower pictures from our gardens along with some information about them. Please check out Lorilin’s blog if you haven’t already for book reviews and more!


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Today’s share:

Common Serviceberry

It seems like a strange share for Flower Friday, but I just love these little trees in spring.

For years I’ve admired these trees in our woodland and had no idea exactly what they were. It’s so easy to pick them out, especially when everything in the woods is still quite dormant this time of year with only hints of green popping out.

They have these neat little white flowers that grow in clusters, which attract butterflies, bees, and birds.

Apparently these deciduous trees can get as tall as 30 feet, but I don’t think they’re very fast growers. It doesn’t seem like this one is much bigger from last spring.

Also known as:

  • Common Serviceberry
  • Downy Serviceberry
  • Juneberry
  • Saskatoon
  • Serviceberry
  • Shadblow
  • Shadbush
  • Sugarplum

You may be asking: are these edible? The answer is yes, and they taste a bit like blueberries.

Plant Facts:

Scientific name: Amelanchier arborea
Family: Rosaceae
Higher classification: Shadbush
Kingdom: Plantae
Hardy to -20/zone 5
Native to Europe, Africa, Northern America, and Temperate Asia.

Thanks for checking out Flower Friday! What do you have blooming this week? Have a wonderful weekend!

🧡 Mischenko

21 thoughts on “Flower Friday: Common Serviceberry #FlowerFriday #Perennials #Flowers #Serviceberry

    1. I’d have a hard time identifying it without blooms or berries. Much of the year it looks like any other tree! 😂 These can be found on the entire east side of the US, as far as Iowa.


  1. starjustin

    Amazing what one can find in the wild woods.
    I love blooming plants. So many wild plants and wildflowers, and even blooming weeds are as beautiful as the flowers we so painstakingly plant each year. We just have to look around and ‘see’.
    Awesome post! 💐


    1. It’s such a simple little tree, Jen, but how wonderful it is. They’re all over our woodland, but the birds always steal the berries first. 😂 Have a good week. ❤️


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