Covid-19 and Road Rage…

I have two things on my mind this morning: Covid-19 and road rage. 

Recently I watched a movie titled Unhinged with Russell Crowe. He’s always been one of my favorite actors, but this movie was quite different, and his character was surprising. In a nutshell, he goes psycho on a woman who blares her horn at him at a green light. Needless to say, the encounter turns into the worst day this woman has ever had, and all because she exhibited a little road rage by blasting her horn on the man to reiterate that she didn’t agree with him stopping at a green light. It’s extreme and horrifying.

This leads into yesterday morning, which was a bit of a mess for me. The night prior, my daughter who just turned 11 came to me with a splitting headache in the middle of the night. I knew something was wrong because she had just taken a Tylenol in the evening for a headache. By midnight the headache came back with a vengeance—only this time with a high fever. By morning she was vomiting heavily and had horrible joint pain throughout. The very thing I’ve worked hard to avoid for over a year had made its way into my home: Covid-19.

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