I’m finally on Instagram…

Hi, everyone! Hopefully, you’re all doing well this week with plenty of wonderful books to read. I’m currently (still) reading the books I posted about in my last ’this week’s reads’ update—too many at one time to be honest. 😉 I’ve also read some beautiful children’s picture books with my daughter that I just have to share. Hopefully I can get something written up this weekend.

Well, I’ve finally taken the plunge. I’m on Instagram! This is something I’ve been thinking about trying for a long while now. It’s another social media platform, but I need to start thinking about the future as to whether or not I’m going to keep paying for WordPress. It’s costing me around $100 a year, and with my schedule the way it is, it’s difficult to post on a regular basis. Over the holidays and break, things picked up, and it felt wonderful to be back with all of you. It’s so hard to keep up though. I’m not making any rash decisions yet, especially lacking experience with Instagram. Originally, I only planned to share pictures of my fish (yes, I’m a fish hobbyist too). Maybe I’ll share books, flowers, my quilts, and music—pretty much everything I love all in one place. Who knows what the future holds.

Are you guys on Instagram? If so, check me out and I’ll follow you. My current name on Instagram is mischenkosshelf for books, and cichlidaquarist for all my hobby stuff. You may be able to find me by searching my name Jenn Mischenko. Thanks for following guys.

❤️ Mischenko

34 thoughts on “I’m finally on Instagram…

  1. I’ll look for you on Instagram, Jenn. I started an account a few years ago but haven’t kept up with it. I really should try to get active again.
    BTW, hubby and I were tropical fish hobbyists for more years than I remember, LOL!

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  2. Yay! I’ll follow you on Ig. I get your concerns. If you’re not posting here regularly then switch to free WP than paying for it. Instagram is more popular these days but it doesn’t work same as blog. Only positive thing is it require less time than blog which will suit you.

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      1. Negative – Ig algorithm is tricky. One has to work a lot to make post reach out to poeple or the pic will be lost in sea of so many pics people are posting. You need to post at right time, use best pics, use right hastags and make yourself visible in first few hours of our post. While for blog it will stay there and people will visit post after 3 years.


    1. Well, you can continue to post pictures for free is what I believe, and also video. I guess the issue with WP for me is that I have to pay to continue sharing pictures on all my posts. Right now, at the $100 a year plan, I have some play room, but what’s going to happen is eventually I’ll have to start deleting pictures like I did when I wanted to go from a large plan to a small one, or upgrade even higher. 🙄 If I just used stock pictures from GR or wherever, I could probably do a free plan, but I really enjoy using my own pictures. Right now to downgrade to a free plan, I’d have to delete tons of pictures again. It’s such a pain.

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        1. It’s mostly about space, and also the maintenance of the blog. With Instagram, it’s a simple uploading of the picture and a review. On WP, the theme I use is somewhat of a pain and outdated. Plus updating the widgets, etc. I enjoy personalizing the space, which in turn takes more work.

          It shows right now that I’m using 4.9GB of space, and that’s after deleting a ton of stuff last year. One of the main issues is that my pictures are too large. I’ve also been told that my pictures are making the site run slow. One person told me to optimize the site, and when I did, the pictures looked horrible.

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        2. Yeah, space is a big issue (no pun intended). Have you thought about using the cheaper wp plan which gives you 6gb of space?
          And then couple that with dropbox to host your big ticket pix, which you can load to your site (that’s what I do with my roundup pix or anything over 100K. I’ve got about 8gb of space on dropbox earned over the years so I don’t have to pay for extra space. )


  3. starjustin

    Well, I’ve been meaning to do instagram for other reasons and I think I have signed up already but I’ll check it out for sure. From reading the comments, sounds like there may be other options too. Good luck if you decide to switch Jen!

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