Today’s read: Once Upon a Winter by H.L. Macfarlane… #books #fairytales #folktales #stories

Here’s what I’m starting today: a collection of folk and fairy tales. It’s super wintry here. We’re still in a winter storm warning. It’s the perfect day for reading. ❤️

Blurb: A shape-shifting spirit haunts a family in England during the depths of winter.
A woman must locate a snowflake for a magical trickster to save her frozen true love.
A witch knocks upon a young man’s door to take his life on Christmas day.
A small boy meets a faerie housed within a snow drop.

Once upon a time stories travelled from place to place on the tongues of merchants and thieves and kings alike. Under the blanket of night they were exchanged between children, and passed on to their children, and their children after them. Details were altered from one generation to the next until thousands of tales existed where once there were few.

In the spirit of these age-old stories comes Once Upon a Winter, a seasonal anthology of folk and fairy tales from 17 authors across the globe. It covers the Gothic, the romantic, the whimsical, the frightening and everything in-between, and features both intriguing twists on classic tales and exciting original stories.
The first of four planned seasonal anthologies from Macfarlane Lantern Publishing, Once Upon a Winter is sure to have a story for just about everyone.

What are you reading?

❤️ Mischenko

15 thoughts on “Today’s read: Once Upon a Winter by H.L. Macfarlane… #books #fairytales #folktales #stories

  1. This sounds like a great book to read on a wintry day, Mischenko! Did you get a big storm? We had a long rainy day that washed away all our snow. Hope you are doing well! I just finished reading The Girl Who Fell from the Sky by Heidi W. Durrow – it was very good!

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  2. I love that cover, and your nail polish! 😀 There’s something so special about reading winter-themed books when it’s actually winter. That’s how I read The Bear and the Nightingale and it really added to the whole experience. ^_^

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